Homme de la Renaissance

Patric and friends
Patric and friends at Bio Marche

Homme de la Renaissance or The Renaissance Man. We hear of him but often there doesn’t seem to be much convincing evidence of his existence in the 21st Century. Yet there is such a man who walks among us here in the south of France. I am privileged  to know one and fortunate enough to witness some of his many talents on a regular basis. Patric was born in Lyon and moved to this area in 1975.  He has two sons and two daughters with 7 grandchildren and one on the way. He lives in a nearby village in an Eco home which he designed and built on his own. He is a vegetarian and grows much of his own food. Just who is this man? Is he a musician? A writer? An artist? Yes! He is all of these and so much more. It was my first year in France when I met Patric. For insurance purposes you must obtain a certificate from a chimney sweep, each year, that your fireplace has been cleaned and is safe to operate. I asked around and the number I was given was for Patric. He swept chimneys for 32 years and just retired two years ago.

Patric at work
Left by Arlette Mouton et Patric – Right by Shemon Ben Youssef

Music: Patric can play any instrument that he comes in contact with. He also teaches music. Art: Patric studied at Ecole Boulle in Paris. Among his many talents, he is an accomplished wood craftsman, glassblower, painter,  and photographer. He enjoys drawing with pen & ink. Patric has worked as a Wood crafter for eight years, at Masonry for five years while still making himself available for his other passions. His love of nature has motivated him to combine sketches and photographs with his writings into a book about edible plants. Perhaps if there is sufficient interest, I shall post further on the book when it is released. Patric loves to travel and related a story of when he was 17 years old how he rode a bicycle with a small motor all the way to Morocco. He has seven cats and his nickname is Patou which is a big shaggy dog found in the Pyrenees. The paintings were done by various artists with the exception of the self-portrait with the clock. Patric has had postcards made from them and uses those as his business cards. While the supply is dwindling, he quickly brought me all the ones I did not have after I saw him in Albas recently. Please do click on the photos so that you can see them better. When I saw Patric last week, I asked him if I could do a post and have him give me some information. For all his accomplishments, he is a modest man. Had it not been for his partner, I would not have had half the details you see here. She was generous and most patient to spend the time with me to uncover some of Patric’s many gifts. Bisous, Léa

Patric at Bio Marche
Patric with fellow musician at Albas
Patric with fellow musician at Albas
Drawing by Violette Vincent/ Painting by Sabine Delrieu
Drawing by Violette Vincent/ Painting by Sabine Delrieu
Left by Shemon Ben Youssef / Right by Brian de Carvailho
Left by Shemon Ben Youssef / Right by Brian de Carvailho
Patric - A self-portrait
Patric – A self-portrait



Albas 2012
Patric and friends in Albas 2012

26 thoughts on “Homme de la Renaissance

  1. Bonjour Léa
    Good to see that there some of those real people left. Isn’t it interesting to know that many of them are involved with nature and/or artwork ?

    1. Absolutely! Patric is a treat and he shows up to most fetes with violin in hand, a huge grin and a heart full of music, art…

    1. Cindy, you are such a dear. For me it was learning to trust those instincts I was taught not to trust. The rest was falling down the rabbit hole to the place that was waiting for me. To finally belong! xx

    1. You will inspire those who need it most. I don’t know of anything greater for a writer or anyone else. BTW, where is the reblog button? 🙂

      1. You’re sweet! 😉 I’m self-hosted, WP doesn’t have a reblog button for us. Most bloggers/writers use ‘press this’ to copy blogs to draft or anything else on the web. You’ll find it in your dashboard under ‘tools’. If you get confused come back to my blog and type ‘press this’ into the search bar to find out instructions on a few of my posts how to use it. I use it everyday on the web when I want to capture an article in draft to elaborate on. 🙂

      2. Alas, my issue with the ‘press this’ is that it doesn’t go to the blog I want. I have three blogs with very different themes. My French blog is limited to France and things that happen here. The newest blog I am merely the typist for my two felines as they share their sad tails and such… 🙂 There must be a way and I shall just have to look again. 🙂

      3. Why don’t you try pressing, see which blog it goes to >open the link> copy and paste what you like from the article into a new draft on whichever blog you want. 🙂

      4. Sorry, it kept going to my French blog. I just used another way of getting out the message. ❤ 🙂

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