Camp Joffre: “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” – Albert Einstein

La belle France. Yet even the most beautiful of gardens has both thorns and weeds. The group Eurocultures invited me to visit Camp Rivesaltes otherwise known as Camp Joffre where we would visit a memorial to some of its darker past. A very short distance from the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean, and just the other side of the tracks, lies the remnants of a concentration camp.

For over five years I have tried to share with you some of the beauty in my chosen home. However, this scar must not be glossed over nor forgotten.




Dedication of museum by Manuel Valls 2015
Inside the new museum




La Fuente Family






A starving child 1941



Belongs confiscated along with hopes and dreams…


Testimony to man’s inhumanity to man.

Though the walls are crumbling and little remains of the buildings, many artifacts are carefully preserved in the new climate protected museum.

Rivesaltes Internment Camp – Camp Joffre opened in 1938 and was not to close its doors until 1970. For nearly five years, I have shared with you the beauty, serenity and the joy of La belle France. Yet this beautiful Country has had much pain, cruelty and suffering inflicted on it and its people. Many of those coming through this camp did not originate in France but may have spent their final days here.





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after Port-Vendres and Banyuls, once again in pittoresque Collioure where I go twice/year: * * * N.B. if you ever drive from Toulouse, down to Barcelona, Spain, I highly recommend a stop-over @ Collioure, to have a yummy lunch or dinner @ “Le Trémail” – served with local red, “rosé” or white wines… bon […]

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Age is relative: A state of mind?

motto:”C’est l’enfant niché en nous qui est la source de notre unicité et de notre créativité, et l’aire de jeux est le milieu le plus favorable pour le déploiement de nos capacités et de nos talents. Les enfants sont les clés du paradis.”(Eric Hoffer) au fait, l’âge c’est juste un chiffre sans aucune importance, sauf […]

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