Deep in the south of France lies Rennes-les-Bains. Ancient Thermal Pools This small village is located at the heart of “Cathar country” in the Corbières. It is located 48 km south of the city of Carcassonne. The area is known for:

* Since Roman times, it has existed as a spa town

* The cure, Abbé Henri Boudet

* Reported links with the Grand Master of the Knights of Templar, Bertrand de Blanchefort

* A setting in the novel Sepulcher

Ancient Thermal Pools

* A mere five-minute drive is the village of Bugarach were the reported portal for the New World is believed to be.

Regardless, it is beautiful place. Even if the baths were not here, it is worthy of a visit.

The benefits of going to a “spa” have been with us for centuries and evidence of their popularity dates back to the time of the Romans. There are over fifty such spa towns in France that are known for their healing qualities. France is one of the countries that still recommend spa treatment as part of available healthcare and are often covered by the individuals medical insurance.

Children swimming in the riverhere, it is worthy of a visit.

Photos are not allowed inside the baths and they are rather clinical. Regardless, I have never had a better massage and spent the rest of the day luxuriating in the glow.

The village is situated on the river Sals, which gets its name from the fact that it is salt water, which is unusual for an interior river. Rennes is one of many thermal baths and it is in the Languedoc-Roussillon Region.

The spa is modern and utilizes the latest in equipment. You can also bath in the old Roman baths the larger one at 46 degrees Centigrade / 114.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The village also contains a Turkish bath, jacuzzi, gym, and heated outdoor swimming pool.

Despite the fact that we did not have reservations, we were able to book time in the baths and found delightful accommodations a few minutes walk away.

Even on vacation, there can be stress. Do yourself a favor and check out the thermal spas. This is only the second Thermal spa I have visited. Perhaps further discovery is required.



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6 thoughts on “Rennes-Les-Bains

    1. Rennes-les-Bains is in the Languedoc-Rousillon and south of the city of Carcassonne. The commune is Corbières which is the same commune that I live in. Just south of Rennes you would be heading up into the Pyrenees toward Spain.
      Thank you for following one of my blogs and I hope you continue to enjoy the posts.

  1. I’ve never seen anything like that castle sculpture in the rock. Beautiful. I’ve only been fortunate enough to see Paris but your blog is exposing to me the rest of the country, i certainly have to make another trip.

    1. A second trip but why stop there? 🙂 A dear friend who had only ever been to Paris until I moved here, now visits every year and we go exploring. Where I live is the heart of the Cathar region. While I have touched on this with several of my posts, more will be revealed over time. Thank you for visiting. I hope you will stop by again.

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