Semaine bavaroise

Semain bavaroise or Bavarian Week was the theme in Narbonne last week. I hadn’t noticed any mention of it in the paper but there are so many such events year around and even more in the summer when crowds of tourists line the streets. I first glimpsed the little white chalets set up for selling traditional food and drinks. The were set up in the center square in Front of Place de Ville and facing the Via Domita. Then as I turned and walked up Rue Droit (Right Way) I began to see men and women is costumes heading toward the center square. 

The participants gathered on the steps of Place de Ville for a brief welcome was given and an invitation for people to come to the performances of singing and dancing in the evening. The traditional food would also be available in the evening so no chance of sampling it. Alas, I knew I would not be able to remain.

Enjoying a café in the square is something I usually do once a week. It is delightful when the sun is shining. Of course I always have a book or two in my purse and on my table you will see one of the books I am currently reading. 

The group assembled on the steps. Inside you can walk about and perhaps as far as the massive ballroom on the upper floor. The offices of the mayor and his council are all there as well.  Extra tables with canopy had been set up to accommodate the additional guest and so that the cafés were not over burdened. 

Unfortunately, there were throngs of individuals trying to photograph the group and being rather short, I was quickly pushed back to where I couldn’t get more shots. They group reassembled for more photos on the Via Domita but once again, I was unable to get any closer and they didn’t remain for long. 

There are events and festivals all year around but through the summer, there is always something on. If you are traveling to France and would like some idea of what may be available in the area you plan to visit, just look on line for the area and the local Office of Tourism. Information is available in both French and English. It will also give you a much broader picture of what you can expect to find. 




15 thoughts on “Semaine bavaroise

  1. Alas, I couldn’t stay for it all. Perhaps next time. We did have a large German Choir here in the village a few years ago. They came to sing at the wedding of one of their former members who married one of the village wine makers. You could hear them echo throughout the village.

  2. What a cool festival to have and for you to shoot and explore Léa, I really do enjoy when a cultural event takes place especially when it gives the locals something to learn and experience. Wishing you a great summer!

    1. As do I my friend. I have always had a hunger to explore such things. The month I spent in Vietnam nearly had me dizzy with delights. Now to live here it is a constant feast to my senses. All the best to you my friend. Alas, summer is rapidly falling and autumn is swiftly on the move.

      1. Autumn is bound to be incredible ~ my favorite time of the year, and this year it should be something special (as it is every year). Wishing you well Léa, take care.

      2. While it is true that it is filled with delights, the colors, the scents and so much here surrounded by vineyards alas, summer remains my favorite. I’m just and old beach bum it seems. Best to you my friend. Santé

    1. I do understand. I should miss it too if I were somewhere else. Perhaps you will return? 🙂 Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs and I hope you continue to enjoy the posts. 🙂

    1. Kath, I do know what you mean. While there was little of the music during the day, we were simply tempted to return in the evening. Yes, the coffee is delicious and I can’t wait to treat you to some…

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