Once again, L’Art Caché has invited so many talented artists that I couldn’t possibly cram them all into one or even two posts this year. The first artist I present to you is one who exhibited here the second year I posted on L’Art Caché. Zarno takes recycling to a new level and any old television, computer or even small plastic cubes are frames for … Continue reading L’ART CACHÉ PART III – 2016

Portes Ouvertes: Cailhau Part 2

As promised, there is more to be seen from the exhibit in Cailhau. I shall provide links to the artists when possible and otherwise refer you to the Artist’s Collective website.artcailhau.blogspot.com and for those of you on Facebook, here is their link: facebook.com/cailhauartistes This first photo is one of a few that are at Atelier galerie Al Trial which is where we left off in Part 1.  … Continue reading Portes Ouvertes: Cailhau Part 2

Montolieu et salon du livre ancien

It is always a delight to spend the day in Montolieu. La village du livre is small with a population of less than one thousand. Yet, this beautiful village nestled in the  Montaigne Noir is home to twenty bookshops, a massive compound where paper-making, book-making and other related crafts are taught and celebrated. Naturally, being France, artists are to be found at nearly every corner. … Continue reading Montolieu et salon du livre ancien

Exposition: Jean Savy

The artist Jean Savy has his roots in the Breton region of France. As for many of us born near the sea, it continues to call to him and to influence his work. From his imaginative totems which he has sculpted from treasures harvested from local beaches, to the under water experience that spoke to me from a number of his paintings, Jean has succeeded … Continue reading Exposition: Jean Savy