With a population of nearly 200, this picturesque village is as typical as possible for a small French village. However, there is a threat looming in the months ahead. Bugarach is located at the foot of Pic de Bugarach, a 1,230-meter (4,040 ft) mountain peak and the highest summit in the Corbières mountains. Also known as the “upside down mountain” as its top layers are older than the lower layers due to uplift of the Pyrenees.

The mayor, Jean-Pierre Delord, vows to call in the military to protect his village from an onslaught of outsiders. The French government agency Miviludes is monitoring sect movements and suicide attempts at the village of Bugarach, which is believed to be the escape route to doomsday events.

What could possibly threaten the serenity of such a tranquil, nearly hidden village deep in the south of France?  New Agers and UFO followers have already begun to descend upon Bugarach. The ominous date 12/21/12 or 21 December, 2012 has been seized upon as the  highly prophesized Armageddon. This is the end date of the Mayan Calendar and long predicted as the date this world would end. Followers believe that a portal exists into “the next world” and have identified Bugarach as the only portal or door into the next world. Another date is often referred: 12 December 2012 or 12/12/12.

There have been people turning up in Bugarach for over a decade in search

of aliens thanks to claims made by  publications that reports UFO’s and other such assertions.

There are unconfirmed reports that Steven Spielberg visited the area and found inspiration for his film Close Encounters of The Third Kind. Yet it was in the state of Wyoming where filming actually took place.

Presently, interest in the village is soaring as websites in the US and other countries which cater to the New Agers and UFO fanciers recommending that they seek refuge there as this ominous date draws closer. An infusion of thousands of people on a tiny village without adequate commerce and other resources concerns the inhabitants of Bugarach and the neighbouring villages who will be inundated.