Vide grenier

When vide grenier (empty attic) signs start appearing with any regularity, you know spring is on the way.

Before moving to France, I had a series of yard sales and when the house sold, there was a moving sale for everything that I was not taking with me. Occasionally, I would see a block sale advertised and everyone on the block would put out what was for sale.

In France, it takes on a completely new meaning. The whole village comes together to sell what they no longer need. Each individual or family will set up a table and members of the local village association will sell food and café, soda, bottled water or wine. Some villages will have music and more. There is usually a tombola (drawing for prizes). I have been to vide greniers where they had musicians and folk dancing!

You do not need to wait for spring to check out these events. They are part of the scenery all year long. However, they become more frequent in the spring and throughout the summer. There are vide greniers that are for raising funds for groups such as the pompiers (firefighters).

The first year after moving to France, 
 I found two lovely tea services by Limoges. Each was so beautiful that I could not decide and ended up with two. One set was solid white with a scalloped edge and the other (much older) was white and the trim was gold, green with a bit of pink and quite elegant.

You never know what you will find. There are many treasures and more than enough of the used CD’s, DVD’s, old clothes, local wines, furniture, food specialities and more. There are also antiques and treasures to be had. Most of all, it is another opportunity to socialize with your neighbors and welcome visitors. There is plenty of fun for all.

Bisous, Léa