A black cat in Montmartre

If one is to be Le Chat Noir, this is the part of France to be. Alas, my Chat Noir is down on the Mediterranean with me and two sister felines (not black).


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In the old days, Montmartre was the end of some Metro lines. “Direction Montmartre”. Not any more. It’s actually hard to find the appropriate station to go to “Matha’s hill”. I recommend Lamarck-Caulaincourt. No stairs, just walk up from the back. (The first half of this post has just been wiped out by WP. Grrr. Start from scratch. Patience, patience.)


Le chat noir, the black cat, has become a symbol of Montmatre. Who doesn’t have this sketch on a mug? A cabaret, it was founded by Rodolphe Salis in 1881. It soon drew a crowd of artists and “bohemians”, establishing the reputation of the “hill” as a haven for artists, then and now.


Sleeping angel. Montmartre, 2018.


Urban strawberries. Strawberries? Seriously? Yes. Check the leaves. (Do not expect any kind of logic here. This is a Montmartre Pot-pourri)


Le théâtre du chat noir. To lure…

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LINDA BASTIDE: Ambassadeur à Narbonne – Ambassadeur Culturel Européen à Logrono

Linda Bastide
Linda Bastide

Linda Bastide is a popular poet from the town of Narbonne. Her numerous books of poetry have been translated to a number of languages including, Spanish, Romanian, Italian and English. She is member of  l’ Académie Française and Ambassador to République de Montmartre.

L’ Académie Française was officially established in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu and is the pre-eminent French Learned body on matters pertaining to the French language. The Académie consists of forty members who are known as immortels (immortals) and they elected by the Académie itself and serve for life.

Some of Linda's work
Some of Linda’s work

République de Montmartre was founded in 1921 by the most famous artists in Montmartre and continues its charitable and cultural actions. Thanks to the voluntary commitment of its members, citizens, members of parliament, consuls, ambassadors and ministers, it works in aid of disadvantaged children and bringing together visual artists, writers and musicians. This beautiful and great institution ensures that the rebellious yet human spirit on which the legend of Montmartre is built is preserved, while remaining loyal to its motto: Rejoice in doing good!

She is soft spoken, warm and ready with a smile. Most of all, her poetry is a delight to the senses. It was a treat to see her in my village today and gave me an opportunity to obtain another one of her books and chat.

A selection from her latest book: 13 pas dans le sable / 13 steps in the sand …


Depuis longtemps je marche,

13 pas dans le sable
13 pas dans le sable

je vais où va le nuage,

je vais où est le soleil,

je veux garder le fil de l’ombre

dans le creux du chemin

bariolé  de voyages, où, peut-être, tu es…


I walk for a long time,

I’m going where the cloud goes,

I’m going where the sun is

I want to keep track of the shadow,

in the hollow path

jumbled I travel, where, perhaps, you are…

Linda in Durban Corbieres 20/05/2013



One of many newspaper articles about this poet
One of many newspaper articles about this poet


My personal copies of her work, to date!
My personal copies of her work, to date!