In a village there is something for everyone

“The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.”  – George Orwell

In a village you are part of the whole. Nobody is perfect and together we are amazing! The concentric circles take in the new and allow it its own space among the ongoing saga. If you want to be part of it, the arms are open to welcome you.

Here in our village of 700, we have just enough space for all here. If someone new arrives a new space is born respective of the others. I’ve been here nearly ten years and knew I was home the first time I saw it.

On Wednesday afternoons at the cantina there are games, refreshments and one of the most caring environments I have ever witnessed. My first visit I was welcomed and invited to join in. After that, you are one of the group and your absence is felt and inquiries commence. Are you well? Do you need anything and a really big one is, can I help?

While technically, the game time is for 50 and over, it just isn’t. Yesterday’s repas (meal) and Loto (much like Bingo) mixed several generations. While there are many who lend their support bringing cakes and beverages, lending a hand when there just are not enough for a particular game so nobody is disappointed and chauffeuring those who might not be able to attend otherwise and so much more, there is one person who really has her pulse on everything and I don’t believe the magic would happen without Sylvie. School is out and three young boys and their mothers joined in. Sometimes a young person will call the loto numbers. The three boys played and one actually won a game.

20170705_114209 - Sylvie


20170705_114354 - prizes

Loto cards & prizes

20170705_114406 - Loto cards

20170705_123331 - gathering 1

20170705_124149 - gathering 3

20170705_125528 - Usual suspects

Usual Suspects


tiff infomation

A few more suspects

20170705_125807 - bon appetit 2

Bon appetit!

20170705_125818 - bon appetit 3

20170705_140147 - Michael et Serge 2

20170705_143957 - more than one way to play... 1
Choose your weapon, plastic discs or nuts and bolts?
20170705_144013 - Denise et Claude, tough competition!
Denise et Claude – tough competition!

If you cannot find anything to do in a small French village, you are not looking. Flyers are posted at the local businesses and announced on the PA system. Just recently our village has posted its own website as more villagers go online.

Everyone had a wonderful time and nobody was in a hurry to leave. The group is on hiatus now until September but there is always something else to do. Now I am off to my favorite art expo and there just may be a post or two in that…



Bio marché

Organic plants for your garden

Once again, we are back at Chateau Bonnefous. They are host to our annual Bio Marché where growers and artisans bring there wares for us to sample and purchase. There is also plenty of information available for those that want to explore organic gardening, wine making and more.

Being in the largest wine producing region in France, the wine makers are well represented and happy to share their wares.

Remy - Domain Saint Juste
Remy – Domaine Sainte Juste

There are baskets of fresh local cherries and strawberries for sample and sale. If you get hungry, there are food sellers who offer snacks or a meal. The Chateau also has a full scale restaurant where you can dine indoors or out on the patio.

Fresh and aged local cheeses, breads, it is a tempting display of local wares. Of course artisans of all persuasions are on hand.

Games and toys made of wood offer hours of fun without using any electricity and no batteries are required.

The carousel: Ladybug, Snail, Grasshopper,
The carousel: Ladybug, Snail, Grasshopper, Frog

The carousel is a favourite with the young ones. But each year the children’s entertainment changes. There is no charge for the ride or the petting zoo.

At any event, you will find music. This is no different and a merry band of locals wandered about the event regaling us with their tunes. Naturally, there is impromptu dancing.

There are tables set up for those who want to sit and chat with family and friends over café or a glass of Rosé. Face painting is offered for the children and once again, no charge.

Carousel - Grenouille/Frog
Carousel – Grenouille/Frog

An effort is made to introduce everyone to environmental issues and organic foods.



Wooden games
Wooden games
Wooden toys
Wooden toys
Canard confit
Canard confit
Handcrafted cutlery
Handcrafted cutlery
Lavender and other essential oils
Lavender and other essential oils
Something for everyone!
Something for everyone!
Petting zoo
Petting zoo