L’Art Caché trois – 2018

If the last two posts haven’t inspired you, perhaps you will find something here?


Antoine Bonnet creates in wood, stone and earth. Please visit his website and learn more.  http://www.antoine-bonnet.com/



Oana Damman is one local artist that I have had the pleasure of meeting a number of times over the years. She is inspired by the works of Van Gogh, Cézanne and Chagall. Please take a few moments and visit her website: oana-damman.com You won’t be disappointed.





Jacques Duault graciously allowed me to photograph his work. Alas, he himself does not care to be photographed. A position I respect and share. Please visit his site: http://jacquesduault.com/



Gerard Engels is hard at work and grateful for a small amount of shade as it is a very warm morning and the full summer heat is upon us. Alas, there is no website for monsieur Engels. He does offer an email address: gerard.engels@hotmail.com or you could direct questions about him or any of the artists by contacting the gracious hosts at Eurocultures.  https://eurocultures.fr/   You will also find a calendar for upcoming events and information should you want to be included in this event next year or any of their other projects. 



Albas is such a charming and tranquile village. However, when they put on an exhibition or other event they do themselves proud. Before signing off today, I will share a few more photos from my wandering about. 



Even the smallest village will have a foyer for indoor events and an outdoor space such as the one above. You don’t see it in this photo but there is a small, shed/kitchen to the left and to the right a large concrete circle often used for dancing under the stars, village feasts… 


There are still photos and artists to be shared. There will be one more in this series and I thank you for joining me.




L’Art Caché, deux – 2018

In part two of the “hidden” art expo here in Albas, we begin with sculpture and photos in a charming little courtyard.







Christian Jacques: Sculpture and Pierre Jammes: Photography

Alas, there is no website for either artist. However, You can find Pierre Jammes on FaceBook and I have an email address for each if you like. chris.jacques@free.fr and pierref.jammes@gmail.com

If you would like additional information about this annual exposition or any of the artists, please visit the site of Eurocultures: https://eurocultures.fr/festival-dart/ They may be able to assist in questions regarding the artists or perhaps you would be interested in showing your own works here. 


This tiny courtyard with his charming fence is on permanent display. If you go back four or five years ago in these posts, you may find this same village feature. Creativity is everywhere in this lovely little village and imaginations run wild, as they should.



LIFE IN A SUITCASE is the theme of returning artist Anne Sarda. As  one who writes, I love how she gives me inspiration with her instillations.  Her website is user-friendly, and so much is available to spark your creativity. http://annesarda.com/






As in the previous post, I once again apologize for the uneven subjects. As in my own home, there are few level surfaces and many rooms are not ‘squared’. Additionally, I would never presume to adjust any of the works nor even touch them. I’ve seen a few of the artists setting up and this location and others. They do their best with the surfaces as they are. Despite that, I find their works very worthwhile.


Léo de Faucher’s work is well worth the trip, wherever it is. Unfortunately there is no available contact information and I highly recommend you direct any questions regarding the art/artist, to Eurocultures (link above). 



I shall leave you with a few more photos of this lovely little village whose secret places are opened up to us this one weekend a year. Additionally I invite you to join us in the future.



Alas, as there are a number of photos and more artists to go, I shall be back with part III and possibly part IV… Today is Fête Nationale here in France so I am off until next time, 

Bonne Fête Nationale et Bisous,



L’Art Caché – 2018


Once again it is that time of year. This two day event is my favorite art exhibit of the year. The charming village of Albas, population 76, is host to two main fetes each year. In the spring is Fete des Moutons with animals penned for the children to interact with, sheep shearing and culminated by a feast, and this Exhibition of “hidden” art which falls the first weekend in July. All through the village, maps provided, you will find small private gardens, courtyards and barns open for that one weekend where the locals offer up their spaces to artists. While a number of the artists are local, many travel a distance to be part of the event.

20180707_140157Florence Zacharie has taken to recycling cardboard. The work exhibited ranges from these small sculptures to a mobile, jewelry and even candle holders. The mobile in the center of this photo is made up of tiny cardboard sculptures. 


20180707_140108  You can connect with on Facebook. I’m afraid that I am unable to verify that as one must be on FB to access it and I am not.


The corrugated material forms a most interesting design in her hands.



A die hard fan of the late, great Jacques Tati and his films, I couldn’t help but fall for the work of Michel Dérosier. Alas, my photos do not do justice to the art or artist. It is my hope that you will take the next step and check out his website including a book he did with the poet, Rémy Boyer. The book titled histoires. http://derosierm.wixsite.com/derosier I am most interested in the book and have exchanged information with the poet who lives only five kilometers from my village.  I do hope to connect soon and would love to have that book…


Perhaps one day I shall get to Bezieres and visit Michel’s gallery. It could be an entire post of his work and such a treat for me.  No doubt that alone could fill more than one post… not to mention how much I should love to surround myself with his work, 

Several years ago, during this exhibition, my friend Rita happened to be visiting. Of course with her being an artist, I knew she would enjoy this show. Each year, different members of the community will host a bit of café and some treat. On that visit, a family opened their terrace for tea, coffee and some amazing desserts covered in your choice of fresh cherries or peaches. On Saturday, I noticed that the place was for sale. Some lucky person will buy a piece of paradise. The terrace is to the side of a large house and joined by a kitchen which I believe was added on a some point in time. Remember, most of our homes and buildings were built centuries ago. My own house is about 400 years old. 




All too soon, it will be blackberry season and nature is working toward the big debut. I can taste them already and look forward to my annual stash. I always make sure to freeze some to brighten up a winter meal. 


After six years of bringing you this exposition, I have nearly given up on attempting to get everything level. I wouldn’t dream of trying to adjust the art and nothing is level here in the hills. I do hope you will forgive me. This artist seems to focus on the villages in the Minevoirs. A friend in London will soon be getting a card of one of his paintings of a café we visited a few years ago. Please visit Denis Carrière on his website and enjoy his work and the other artists featured there. https://www.latelierdesoeurise.fr/denis-carriere/


While I do attempt to include photos of the artist, some do not like being photographed a feeling I respect, and share. Also, there were a few pieces that I was not allowed to photograph and while I saw a few cameras clicking away, I do respect the rules of the exhibit. If you are ever in the area in early July, I invite you to add this expo to your list of MUSTS! 



As every year, there is just too much to share and more than I can justify in one post. That being said, I shall return with Part II of this exposition.




Exposition: Jean Savy

Artist: Jean Savy
Artist: Jean Savy

The artist Jean Savy has his roots in the Breton region of France. As for many of us born near the sea, it continues to call to him and to influence his work. From his imaginative totems which he has sculpted from treasures harvested from local beaches, to the under water experience that spoke to me from a number of his paintings, Jean has succeeded in capturing those illusive moments experienced beneath the waves. Snorkelling and swimming along the ocean floor have long been passions of my own. Friday night, I was transported back to this underwater world. Suddenly, albeit briefly, the powerful wind and chilling temperatures ceased to exist,

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA  A self-taught artist who has lived in Paris (16 years) before moving to the south, he has exhibited widely from Paris to Albi. Jean is devoted to his art and each day is spent creating or gathering the tools he requires. In 1983 he set out to explore the genre of figurative art. Pleased with his early efforts, he continued. Jean’s technique, like his journey is very personal. Jean has not had any artistic education but has chosen to learn from experience. Auto didactics are at times, dismissed or marginalized. However, Savy joins the ranks of SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAothers such as Viollet-le-Duc (French architect and theorist), Frank Lloyd Wright, Noël Coward, Gustave Eiffel, Karl Marx and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to name a few.

Jean prefers to work alone. “I fill the white canvas by creating a form of relief and structure in white and afterwards I start playing with colours, colouring pigments and liquids of every sort – even water- on canvas.” Is it a game of chance? No. “I always make something that resembles me. You always project your sub consciousness on the canvas; it is a projection of it. I experience painting as a game of expression and of pleasure.”

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAOn a particularly miserable evening after a trying day, I was transported back into the tranquil embrace of the sea and felt a sense of renewal.

If you are interested in purchasing some of his work, Jean Savy can be reached at izidor.jean@gmail.com. Additionally, please be sure to click on the photos!





Exposition: La Petite Galerie

Left: Annegret Gröene  Right:Camille Maître
Left: Annegret Gröene Right: Camille Maître

What a treat! The opening night of an exposition of the art of Annegret Gröene combined with the poetry of  Camille Maître.  Camille read a selection of works from the book  Poésie – Imagination. The book was a collaboration between the two artists.

Apéros served in the courtyard include wines, juices and sweet and savoury morsels.

Annegret paints from a vivid and whimsical imagination! She delights the eyes and the response from the crowd is smiles of delight. She charms the viewer with each brushstroke. Please take a moment and click on the photos to enlarge them.

What a challenge for any poet to take on writing the paintings. As a poet myself, I know how daunting it can be to interpret the works of an artist trying to capture the feeling.

Camille is up to the challenge and delivers without hesitation. His poems capture the feeling and tells us what he finds in these whimsical paintings.


So that you can enjoy more of Annegret’s delightful work, I shall give over to photos.  Please don’t forget to click over the photos to enlarge them. Annegret’s website: http://www.annegret-groene.de





Gallery owner, Annegret and Camille
Gallery owner, Annegret and Camille
Poet: Camille Maître