An interesting little village with artisanal chocolate.

Lazy French Hiker

A big bridge in Minerve, whose name I cannot find anywhere

I am going to start making a collection of blog posts where I just talk about adorable villages in the south of France, I think. There are so many of them, and some of them are so lovely. Without further ado, welcome to the adorable village of Minerve.

Little cobbly streets of Minerve

Minerve is up in Cathar country, a region in the south of France marked by its 12th and 13th century sieges and massacres. The Cathars were followers of a dissident church that flourished around Europe in the early Medieval period, and I guess they fought a lot. Minerve itself was a fortified village protected by a tall watchtower, remparts, and a bunch of catapults.

The watchtower, protecting the Minervois

The gorges of Brian are nearby if you want to walk around (and also I am…

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9 thoughts on “Minerve

    1. Although I did visit there years ago, this was a reblog. The people who took me hadn’t consulted their calendar and forgot it was a holiday so the village was closed-up tight. Perhaps it is time to think about going again, once this pandemic is at an end…

      1. Once this pandemic lets me out… there is a growing list and shall make sure it is on there. Thank you, Jennie.

  1. Great introduction to this little oasis ~ looks great for hiking and then my favorite pastime of sitting around and just thinking 🙂 I need to visit… 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Cindy, thank you. I reblogged that post. I visited Minerve when I first moved to France but the person who took me forgot about it being a ghost town on a holiday so we didn’t see a soul. When this pandemic ends, perhaps it will be time to go up there once again? Thanks again for stopping by. xx

  3. What a beautiful village! There just isn’t anything even close to this in the US. I love the narrow cobbled street. And the way the place is nestled in the landscape. A great share, Léa.

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