Building a dream

This can easily take your breath away and stimulate your imagination.

Lazy French Hiker

The postman’s dream

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the Drôme is a place called Hauterives, and in this place, in the 1800s, lived a postman called Ferdinand Cheval. In the daytime he delivered the letters by foot, and dreamed about an ideal, fairylike, beautiful palace. In the nighttime, he built it.

He had already been building his “palace, castle, a type of grotto” in his head for years when one day a weirdly shaped stone rolled into his path. He picked it up and put it in his pocket and everything started from there. For the next thirty-three years he constructed his Ideal Palace, collecting strange stones and sculpting his edifice.

“From a dream, I have brought out the queen of the world”

I visited this on a wandering cowboy day. I used to be a travelling sales rep, and I described it as being a “wandering drunk…

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5 thoughts on “Building a dream

  1. Wow!!! I loved this, Lea. And also, I’m working on getting you a list of books in French or Dutch. It’s not as simple as I thought, so it might take a little time. Thanks!

    1. Jennie, how very kind and over and beyond the call. I had just hoped that when you did recommend a book, you might notice if it was available in other languages. I know that there are others out there who would appreciate the information. Merci mon amie.

      1. Hi Lea! I did try to see if the books were in another language on my last post, and the search was not clear or easy. I was surprised. I might not be searching in the right place. Anyway, I hope to create a list for you. I plan to ask the French teacher at school, who happens to be from France. If she can steer me in the right direction, I can do this!! Merci, mon amie. 😍

  2. You are a treasure. I shall have to start collecting them and see if they will give me an audience. At the very least, I shall be well-armed with small gifts for the little ones who live by me and for a special one who visits from Paris several times a year. You see, when I give a child a gift, it is always a book. Thank the French teacher for me as well. Merci beaucoup mon amie! 😍

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