French Kiss Gratuit!

Free French Kiss!


 These brave young men were walking across the plaza in the nearby city of Narbonne with their sign, smiles and three other friends (one female). However, they were the only two willing to be photographed. I suspect they were just grateful that this not so young woman was not going to demand that kiss. This is just a small example of just how friendly the French can be.


Despite the brevity of this post, I do believe the photo says it all.







9 thoughts on “French Kiss Gratuit!

  1. Haha! Oh là là, il sont vraiment jeunes. 😂 Thanks for sharing! Hope I could visit France too, soon. 😊 Donc, est-ce que tu es née en France ou tu es une éxpatriée ? 🙂

    1. C’est bien.
      Alas, I’m a transplant born in California. Have no doubts, this is the home of my heart. NASA couldn’t blast me out of here. 🤣

      1. Hahaha! I’m amazed, it seems you love France so much. Donc tu restes en France maintenant ? 🙂

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