URGENCE ECOLOGIE! / Ecology Emergency!

20190513_124051 Two days after seeing this poster on my weekly shopping trip to Narbonne, I saw an announcement in the local paper for a demonstration on the 25th of May. There was no question, I had to be there. 

20190525_141642  20190525_141648  

It may appear a bit disorganized but it was very early and people were still arriving. I do apologize for the photos I wanted to share but missed. My phone/camera was showing nothing but a blank, dark, screen. I don’t know how much of that was due to the strong Mediterranean sun but I am grateful to have the few photos I managed to get. The drummers were from two groups, one in Narbonne and the second joined us from nearby Carcassonne. They kept us all in beat and let everyone know we were there. There were close to 100 drummers in total. I can’t begin to imagine how many people were there as I couldn’t see past them all. 

20190525_163917-1   World March For The Climate / It is time again

20190525_164003  And The Sea?

The last two photos are the two sides of the sign I was given to carry. Signs were collected upon our return so that they may be used again. I do wish I could have photographed each and every sign as they all had at least one message that needs to be heard.

20190525_161032     Plastic, no thanks / PLASTIC = NO MERCY

20190525_163340    Your climate is heating up / You can guard it!

20190525_151844  Outside the Narbonne Courthouse, we paused to listen to a few speakers from Les gilets jaunes / The yellow vests. As they have every Saturday for the past several months, been in force. We had paused at each of their locations along our route and they were most supportive. Despite being there for their cause, some of them joined us for part or all of the march. 

20190525_141627  TAX ON THE MEAT  – As a vegan myself, I appreciated how the word meat has blood dripping into the land…

As many of you are aware, livestock is a major contributor to global warming, accounting for at least 18 percent of all global warming gases. For those who have been unaware, it is past time that you educate yourself before it is too late. The meat industry is not going to tell you. We must band together, share what we do know and hold the government and food industry accountable. The internet is rich information, alas there is always misinformation so be wary of your sources. Our responsibility is to know and to act. The children know and in rising numbers, they call on us to account for our neglect and to join them. Greta Thunberg travels Europe by train or with her parents in their electric car to speak to the world on Climate Change and what we all must do. YouTube is filled with her speeches. She has been nominated for the Nobel Prize and has just recently turned sixteen years of age. All over the globe, they are walking out of schools protesting. We are not doing enough and so the children have picked up the gauntlet and are shaming us for we have left them vulnerable with little to no future in sight.  Here is a link to Greta addressing the EU and I hope all will listen to this girl’s words. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWsM9-_zrKo


Thank you for bearing with me. I will not apologize for my diatribe. What I would love to know is where you are on this planet and what steps you are taking to save the world that has given us so much and what changes you will make so that our children and grandchildren can survive? 




31 thoughts on “URGENCE ECOLOGIE! / Ecology Emergency!

    1. Thomas, thank you. I wouldn’t miss it. The photos were all “blind” shots as the screen showed nothing so thanks again.

  1. Lovely post, Léa! Here are some
    of the things we are doing at Le Château:

    1. Food in compostable packaging for Louis Catorze:
    2. Meat bought from the butcher (who know where their meat comes from, and we take our own reusable plastic containers)
    3. All our toiletries are either glass, aluminium or recyclable plastic packaging, and we are saving any pump dispensers for TerraCycling
    4. We have a green solution to cover our recycling boxes at The Front: https://louiscatorze.com/2019/05/12/maintenant-lavez-vous-les-pattes/
    5. If supermarket fruit and vegetables contain plastic, we take it off and leave it in the store to send the message that we don’t need it

    1. Wonderful but for some reason… number five is a favorite. I do enjoy sending a message to those in need. 😉 Thanks for responding and keep up the good work.

      1. I did an assembly at my school about climate change and I obviously didn’t explain no.5 very well, as all the kids thought I dumped the excess plastic in the street! “Wouldn’t you get done for littering, Miss?” 🤣

      2. Well done! No doubt you took the opportunity to clear them up on the issue and perhaps take it further to the plastic islands covering our oceans and killing our sea life. 🙂 I love that child’s comment as I could hear it as I read.

      3. I also had to explain that they weren’t to remove the packaging from every piece of fruit and veg in the supermarket, just the ones they intended to buy. 🤣

      4. Understood. Alas, plastic is so toxic and ends up where it shouldn’t. I’m afraid I would want to make it all disappear. 🙂

  2. Wonderful and inspiring post, Léa! It’s so good to see so many people fighting for what is left of our planet! There have been over 15.000 people at the demonstration here last Friday. Greta Thunberg really should win that Nobel Prize!! Hope all goes well at the voting today – we need to change our politics regarding environment protection!

    1. We have an encredible debt to pay and the time is long overdue. I doubt we had that many people in attendance but perhaps next time… Greta absolutely deserves to win. My fingers are crossed for today. The pundits are signalling the worst case results. It certainly won’t be from this part of the country. Thanks again.

  3. In our nearby (very small) town, a bunch of kids from the school were in the central triangle with signs on Friday. Just a handful of them, but it’s just a handful of a town.

    1. Ellen, thank you. My own village is 700 and Narbonne is where I go for shopping (Bio stores) and sometimes business matters. Any action taken is one more that had previously been silent so kudos to your town. Thanks again.

  4. The struggle is far greater than you imagine. The supposed ‘limits’ on CO2 emissions are nonsense as the rise in levels in ppm show. We may have already passed the so-called tipping point, that is still under debate. What is not under debate is the reality that we need a complete change in how the political system operates. The priority has to be for taking care of the planet, for compassion and care and not for profit.

    1. Perhaps but my imagination does go a long way and I do try to stay well read on this and other vital topics. As for the debate you propose, I have long advocated for such debates and wish the media would stop buring vital bulletins such as land being given over to mining… basically, I agree with every word, Thank you.

  5. Such a critically important post and issue Lea. We will go down in history as the stupidest species ever on this earth after we run ourselves into extinction. Thank you for posting.

    1. Cindy, thank you. Your beautiful orcas are endangered as you know. For there to be history, there has to be someone to read it… the clock is ticking.

  6. Well done, I would be marching with you if I was there. On the home front, Trader Joe’s has begun a”zero plastic” for the packaging of it’s products policy. Rita

    1. That would have made the day perfect. In fact, I had thought of it. Good for Trader Joe’s. Let us hope others follow their example. Lea

  7. Greta Thunberg is a wise person. We should all listen to her and get into action. I do some things to participate in the more planet friendly way of living but not enough. I have to step up but I have started to change. That’s more than nothing. You did good.

    1. She is amazing and a hero. I’ve been keeping tabs on her since I first heard of her. I’m searching for information in French to help shift things around here and would be happy to go door to door if necessary. Alas, I haven’t found any information in French that I can print out and share. I felt so alive at the demonstration but it wasn’t my first bash at being an activist. Thanks my friend. x

      1. You’re a Greta too by taking action. I think she inspires many people to take action. She shows that one person can start something and make difference in a good way.

      2. You are too kind. I had been trying to find a way to make a difference and Greta helped me crystalize my thoughts. She is your National Treasure but also a Global Treasure.

      3. Yes she is indeed. I find her actions very inspiring and I try in different ways to support her vise words.

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