Printemps – Spring

Spring has been gracing us with her vibrant colors for a month. Overnight we began by finding almond trees bursting with buds. 


Not to be outdone, flowers began to appear and remind us of their seductive charms. If only I had the ability to share the fragrances that lace the air and cling to my laundry as it dries on the line. 



20190313_140922    20190313_141030

Each day another tree or plant unveils her secrets.

20190313_141447  20190416_10510220190416_105142 20190416_105119 Walking about my village, there are new buds revealing themselves daily. For the last few weeks, the poppies have been showing their scarlet beauty. I don’t include any photos of them at this time as they deserve a special post with a field making an appearance, hopefully soon.

The Mimosa trees are filled with blossoms and fragrant as are many of the other blooms. The frogs are making a racket with their song but they stay hidden during sunlight hours as do the crickets. 

The figs are growing rapidly and I can almost taste them. A friend halves them, stuffs them with goat cheese and drizzles them with a balsamic honey mixture then grills them. They are delicious but I just love them right off the tree. No tree, no problem as they are everywhere and plenty that are not on someone’s private property. Bon appetit!





24 thoughts on “Printemps – Spring

  1. This is crazy beautiful! I am looking forward to the post with poppies 🙂

    (And I cannot wait to be in France! It is so beautiful)

  2. Beautiful photos, Léa. Can’t wait to see the poppies, my ‘inherited’ poppy is in bud so I’ll post photos when it’s out 🙂

    1. My fingers are crossed. I can usually find a place to pullover and take photos of the fields of sunflowers but poppies seem to choose spots that are less accessible. I won’t give up though. 🙂 It is lovely to hear from you.

      1. Good to see you posting a little more of late, too…my new cottage / bungalow is taking much time…but I do love it 🙂 x

  3. I love the feeling you have with both the photos and your descriptive writing “ability to share the fragrances that lace the air and cling to my laundry as it dries on the line…” 🙂 Beautiful.

    1. Ah, she is north of me. I am on the Mediterranean and less than an hour from Spain. As for leaving France, no. I agree with your friend.

  4. Aw – such a lovely festival of flowers! The almond flowers are so beautiful – I hope the bees are busy doing their job because I love almonds! 😉

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