– One Century Later

With neighbors and friends, we stood at the War Monument in our small village deep in the south of France and we remembered. Though not born here, I could remember the grandfather I met and the one I didn’t have the opportunity to meet. Peace
Thank you Afzal my friend.


13 thoughts on “ – One Century Later

    1. Thank you dear friend. Like every city and every small village, we all turned out to honor those who served. Bisous et calins mon cher ami.

      1. thank you, my dear friend.

        we cannot and must not ever forget those who came before us and who struggled and fought and died for the noble cause of freedom from tyranny.

      2. indeed, my friend. BUT we are many more and we shall never let our history be rewritten or embellished or tarnished by those who seek to promote divisiveness and not unity of all humankind.

        We SHALL Overcome!

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