during this 3h-hike, I was in awe at the wonderful landscape, and after I saw the ruins of an old farm among the Andorran chalets, I recalled Steve Jobs’ wise and realistic encouragement:“I’ve looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: if today were the last day of my life, would I want to […]

via TODAY is here and now…:-) — my virtual playground


TODAY is here and now…:-) — my virtual playground

4 thoughts on “TODAY is here and now…:-) — my virtual playground

  1. Hello Lea, i’m delighted and surprised to discover your blog (2 years later…), especially your post about “L’art cache 2016” in Albas, and the part about my exhibition. Thank you ! There is just a small issue in my address website. The right one is : http://www.peinture.carcanague.fr (R is missing).
    Thanks to you for loving France !

    1. Hello, and I do apologize. I have done some digging among old posts but have not yet located the post you refer to? In any post from L’Art Cache, I include the link to Eurocultures to make sure that anyone who wants to contact one of the featured artists can do so and I do know that Cécile at Eurocultures links my blog to her website. I shall try again and if you can shed more light on what post it was, I will do my best. Léa

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