L’Art Caché – quatre 2018

Being that this is my favorite art expo of the year, there is a sad parting. Alas, this is to be the last in the series of four posts from L’Art Caché in the charming village of Albas. 

Catherine Juge Thouroude has a number of pieces I enjoyed. Alas, there is neither an email address or website. Once again I shall direct any questions to the fabulous people who bring us this exhibition each year. Eurocultures: https://eurocultures.fr





There were several additional pieces that the artist delined to be photographed as they were a new variation she was working on. Perhaps at a future date I will find her exhibiting them when I can share the photos? 


Josiane Coste Coulondre is a textile artist. https://www.artmajeur.com/josianecostecoulondr





Josiane can also be contacted by email: jococoul@gmail.com

Patricia Maffli: Painter



I have just checked out her blog. https://patriciamaffli.wordpress.com/ and was thrilled to find much more than what she had brought with her. In addition, she shares her workplace with her sister  who sculpts. Perhaps it would be possible to visit them and create a post on the work of them both? 



This last photo is from Patricia’s newest collection. I do hope to see more of her work. I should enjoy being alone in a room with just her paintings and my laptop… there are many stories / poems just waiting to be written.

MERCI MILLE FOIS! My sincere thanks to all the talented artists who shared their work and to our friends at Eurocultures for giving us this opportunity each year. Also, I thank all the readers that take a moment to let me know that they enjoyed this  I am already looking forward to next years exposition. 






29 thoughts on “L’Art Caché – quatre 2018

    1. Merci mille fois Polly! It would be enough to have the opportunity to see this expo each year, but to be able to share it as well and find that others enjoy it too, I’m over the moon… 🙂 x

    2. Lea, what beautiful art! So happy you stopped by my blog and commented. Now I’m following you. From 1970 to 1984 I was an ex-pat living in Italy, Greece & Japan. I met wonderful artists in those countries! 📚 Christine

      1. Lovely to meet you Christine. From 1974 to 1980, I lived in NYC. While born in California, I spent summers traveling about western Canada and working for an uncle. I’ve been an ex-pat here since 2007 and have no desire to be anywhere else. A bit like you, I’ve worn a number of hats in my time and don’t have any intention of ‘growing up’. Léa

      2. Lea, nice to know more about you. I loved living abroad too. Came back to the states to start college (same one that my sons were attending). Went on to graduate school and the rest is history. I’m happy where I am, even though I have many fond memories of my ex-pat life. 📚Christine

  1. Thank you again Léa!

    See you, Cécile.

    ________________________________ De : found-in-france Envoyé : lundi 23 juillet 2018 10:15 À : ceciledalbas@hotmail.com Objet : [New post] L’Art Caché – quatre 2018

    Léa posted: “Being that this is my favorite art expo of the year, there is a sad parting. Alas, this is to be the last in the series of four posts from L’Art Caché in the charming village of Albas. Catherine Juge Thouroude has a number of pieces I enjoyed. Alas, the”

  2. All of the art work is really first class. Thank you for sharing what you have found there at home in France!!! Your loving Dad.

    1. It means the world coming from you. How I wish you were here but you are always with me. Your adoring daughter.

    1. Thank you. You can see why it is my favorite Art Expo. When Spring starts, I start counting the weeks, days… Thank you Jennie

  3. I always love your photos from this event. What wonderful artists! And you always seem to have such lovely weather.

    1. Thank you Heather. I am just so grateful to have this opportunity. The art, the hidden gardens and courtyards, the artists… 🙂 Being on the Méditerrané we are fortunate with the weather. Thanks again.

  4. Say the word and I shall connect you with Cecile, President of Eurocultures… 🙂 Actually, I did mention to her that I would love to see you there next year… I haven’t heard back yet but that was just minutes ago and not all of us are glued to this beast, the computer. Cecile is also an artist, mainly photography and lives in Albas.

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