7 thoughts on “A taste of Provence

      1. My friend and I are going to try this when I go down to her bed and breakfast next time. It will be a special treat. Thank you so much.

  1. These are two of my favorite movies! (Really two books by Marcel Pagnol.) In fact, am writing a novel about an American photographer trying to fit in in a small village in Provence, a la Jean de Florette. But of course Provence is so much more beautiful and wonderful than the people in those two stories. Can’t wait to go. In the meantime, I’m reading a series of books on the region, Picnic in Provence, The Lantern, etc. Thanks for the post! Cheers.

    1. If you enjoy those, I recommend you watch Le Glorie Mon Pere (My father’s glory) and La Chateau de ma Mere (My mother’s castle) in that order. They are biographical of Pagnol and such a treat. Yes. Provence is a treat. Enjoy.

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