Could this work? Save the planet part 1

Thank you Anna. You said it much better than I could as I have not your skills to illustrate what MUST be said and done.

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Maybe this drawing idea will be a series of drawings. We’ll see how it goes.

This season we will try a different approach to the mow lawn issue. We go for the green alternative as a try. So far the experience has been good. You should try it. It’s fun actually if you like fresh air, no noicy environment and some exercise without really thinking about it and no messy petrol filling.

There’s other ways to save the planet, I know, but every little thing we do in the right direction will be a big change eventually.

Do you have a save the planet idea? Please tell us. I might do a drawing of the idea if you let me.


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2 thoughts on “Could this work? Save the planet part 1

  1. Lea, one area I’ve noticed is reducing the amount of clothing we buy, especially new clothing and what is considered “fast fashion”. Another one is drinking coffee out of disposable cups, which can’t be recycled. Our council gave away what’s called a “keep cup” and if you take it to certain cafes you get 50 cents off your coffee.
    Best wishes,

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