A new story set in the south of France…

Just to let people who may be interested know, I have my first novel on Amazon, printed and Kindle versions. Having waited in vain for agents to even acknowledge my e-mails, I have decided to self-publish because I would like people to READ it. It’s called Zazou and Rebecca, and is set in Southern France, […]

via A bit of self-publicity… — belovedalder

10 thoughts on “A new story set in the south of France…

    1. Oh Jack! Thank you so much and I know David will appreciate this as well. He is very new to blogging and now has his first book out. I do hope you stop by and visit him. When in France, he and his wife are neighbors. 🙂

  1. Self publishing is the way to go. I did it myself recently for the first time. The hard bit is marketing yourself…

  2. Good for David! It’s very difficult these days to be picked up by a publishing house, and if we do, we are left to do the self promoting anyway. So why share the royalties? Many of us Indies feel the same way. I’m content.:)

    1. Absolutely. While what I am working on is not yet ready for publication, I am choosing to go for the indies when I make book purchases. That also makes a statement, n’est pas? 🙂

    2. Thank you!
      I had wondered about ‘self’-publishing and comments about ‘vanity’ publishing, but we all want our work to be read, and going the agent/publisher route is no more ‘vain’ than sharing it another way.

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