2 thoughts on “Surprising Pictures of a Ghost Town — ALK3R

  1. Please forgive the delay Kath. I’m afraid that my computer has been seized by some terrorist and psychotic gremlins… There are a number of ghost towns in the world. I know that most states in America have a few and I’ve no doubt there are other’s in France. When I first arrived I spent three months housesitting in a small village with less than 50 people with a few others showing up at holidays. Such a village usually has no commerce and perhaps a truck once a week for citizens to shop. This was nine years ago and I’ve no doubt that the population has steadily decreased. Although that particular village is a bit remote, at one time it was a thriving village with commerces, a school, gendarmes and much more. The last time I stopped by, its streets were quiet and I saw nobody out and about. The post office had long closed. There are some lovely homes there but most are empty…

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