Once again, L’Art Caché has invited so many talented artists that I couldn’t possibly cram them all into one or even two posts this year. The first artist I present to you is one who exhibited here the second year I posted on L’Art Caché. Zarno takes recycling to a new level and any old television, computer or even small plastic cubes are frames for his creativity. Zarno is on Facebook , Zarno Patamodeleur, (I am not) you can also contact him by email at zarno@orange.fr


Claude Roux, I must track down her atelier and see if a visit is possible. Perhaps there are others of you out there that would like to see more of her work. I am finding more and more artists that I want to see their studio or an exhibit of a larger body of their work. She is one of them. If you like what you see, drop by her website and leave a comment. You don’t need to be fluent in French or indeed any French to do so. clauderoux-sculptures.com 

Claude Roux
Claude Roux
Claude Roux
Claude Roux
Claude Roux

You will soon find that Marcel Deltelle has captured me. Okay, so perhaps I’ve gone a bit over the top posting more of his photos than I usually do.  He captures me and leads me down an enchanted path to a world I was previously unacquainted with. You can be sure I will keep my eyes open for an exhibit of his or even better, access to his atelier!  I know at least a few of you out there that this will really speak to. Please stop by his website to see some of what other magic awaits: http://marceldeltell.wixsite.com/cdml  leave a comment. You can reach him also by email at marceldeltell@gmail.com

Marcel Deltell – Le Homme de La Mancha
Marcel Deltell
Marcel Deltell
Marcel Deltell -Mardi Gras
Marcel Deltell
Marcel Deltell
Marcel Deltell
Marcel Deltell

It is my hope that you find something here that speaks to you, makes you smile or inspires your own creativity. If so, I am thrilled. If an artist interests you, most of them in the three post series have websites or are part of Eurocultures and can easily be located for new works and exhibitions. Please stop by the Eurocultures website as they sponsor this exhibit and many more throughout the year.euroculturesencorbieres




37 thoughts on “L’ART CACHÉ PART III – 2016

    1. Sarah, posting this annual exhibit is such a pleasure. It is truly aerobics for the imagination! Perhaps next year I shall see you there? 😀 xxx

      1. “Aerobics for the imagination” what a lovely picture!! 🙂
        Participating in that exhibit is something I would like very much!! 🙂 xxx Bonne nuit!

      2. I shall look forward to posting your work next year in Albas. 😀 xxx Bonne suit mon amie!

  1. I especially like the Claude Roux figures, they remind me of a plasticine figure called ‘Morph’ who used to be on TV in the UK 🙂

    1. There was quite a bit of the plasticine in one of the other L’Art Caché posts. Thanks Polly and I’m glad you enjoyed. 😀

    1. Thank you Heather. Alas, my photos didn’t do them justice. There were other whimsical sculptures in the second part of L’Art Caché. There are two other bloggers who I am sure will love them but they haven’t checked in yet. I noticed on Marcel’s website he has a show in November-December and it is about twenty minutes from here and I may have to force myself…

      1. You are so kind! I wish I had such great art exhibitons to visit near my town. In the 80’s we had a marvelous gallery in Trosa. They had Hundertwasser exhibition and many more artist with colorful art and lot of fantasy in the paintings 🙂

      2. Perhaps the time has come to start one up! Even if it starts small. I know that you know other artists. Perhaps the local hotel could be a beginning venue. Perhaps local business could sponsor if necessary? However, I do believe you can start small and build. 🙂 Of course you could come here… 🙂

      3. Absolutely, not to mention the eight day week, the thirteen month year (extra month to be in summer)… You get the picture? Perhaps there is a painting or two in that. I remember one of the first paintings of your that I saw and I was hooked! Of course it was about time!

      4. You are absolutely right! Of course there’s paintings to be done. Instead of Dali’s weird timepaitings there should be 48 hour clocks, thirteen months calendars and so on. You are brilliant! I have to start figuring out how to do such pictures 🙂

      5. Oh I adore Dalî! Figueres, where he was born, is less than an hour and a half south from me and a lovely day trip. There are two museums of his work, one just the jewellery, and I often take visitors there. See, Dalî had it right. Time is fluid and you can’t make it cut and dried like 24 and 7 or 12 months… 🙂

  2. I’m with you – so tough to pick a favorite among so many wonderful contenders (but I do have an angels board on Pinterest, Heard on High, so I pinned the angel there, linked back here)

    I have always been enchanted by little worlds – even those silly Easter egg things I used to find in my basket when I was small, so I spent a great deal of fantasy time at the top of the post. Great photos, btw.

    Thank you for taking us with you as you wandered.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

    1. Alas, my ‘real life’ was so surreal that I could not deal with fantasy at all. From the beginning there were so many lies so much deceit, I just wanted the facts. I craved them, needed them. Anything ‘pretend’ was a sink hole just waiting to swallow me up. If the book ever gets finished and published (rough draft done doing damage control now) you might have an idea… xx lf

  3. Bringing such talent to life ~ a gift of yours Léa. So much to experience and the work of Claude Roux seems to invite the smiles. Wonderful post.

  4. Oh Kath, it was so fun. There was a lot of humour this year and I just loved it. Isn’t there an old adage about saving the best for last? ;D

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