As promised, we return to the remote French village of Albas for our L’Art Caché or Hidden Art. For those who appreciate a bit of whimsey, we have it. For those who like elegant Japanese pen and ink drawings, we have it. I truly believe that this Exhibition has something for everyone.

Marion de la Fontaine – Sculpteur Plasticienne
Marion de la Fontaine
Marion de la Fontaine
Marion de la Fontaine

See much more of Marion’s enchanting characters and other work, check out her website mariondelafontaine.fr

Elysabeth Béclier

Please check out Elysabeth’s other work on her website. I know she will welcome your inquiries. Visit her at beclierelysabeth.fr or email her directly at elysabeth.beclier@wanadoo.fr

Kunio Matsumura
Kunio Matsumura

Check out the website for his contact information. http://www.artistesasuivre.org/2012/matsumara.htm

Kunio Matsumura
Kunio Matsumura


René Herpe

René’s website is filled with plasticienne sculptures and his paintings. You don’t want to miss them or the video of his work. After looking at his site, I shall anxiously await his next gallery show! rene-herpe.fr and for direct emails rene.herpe123@orange.fr 

René Herpe
Tiffany Vailier-Billot
Tiffany Vailier-Billot
Tiffany Vailier-Billot
Tiffany Vailier-Billot

Look in on Tiffany’s website for additional information and many works for your perusal. Check out her vast portfolio at vailier.fr 

It is my hope that you have enjoyed our visit to this charming village and the work of all the artists. However, I find myself with at least enough photos of artists you have yet to see for an additional post. Please check back for L’ART CACHÉ PART III.




49 thoughts on “L’ART CACHÉ PART II -2016

    1. You are kind. Alas there is just so much there I can’t begin to do it justice. Also it was 33 degrees and shade is rare there… 🙂

      1. I imagine you seeing it with a grin ear to ear and then heading off to create… 🙂 Please correct me if I am wrong after it is posted! 😉

      2. While there are several things to share, I doubt you will have any problem identifying the artist I am referring to… 😉

  1. THANK YOU for introducing us to these artistic ‘STARS.’ They obviously have a passion for their work. Personally, I love a bit of whimsy in books and paintings/sculpture. Elysabeth must be quite fun to talk to. Your photos are wonderful.

    1. Alas, there are still photos left. I shall subject those who dare to more and as for whimsy, you haven’t seen anything yet! Hang on…

    1. I just adore this event and look forward to it from early spring. The art is so much fun, inspirational but also all these hidden gardens, courtyards, barns and even private houses are opened up to display the work this one time each year. Many of the artists are on hand and I must warn you that there are still a few photos left that I want to share so there will be a Part III shortly. Merci!

  2. All of these diverse artists you bring out to introduce to us and the blogging community ~ quite special. Everything speaks in its own language, with the works of Marion de la Fontaine I find so entertaining…very much an inspiration to us all. Something special when a place can be the catalyst for such creativity. Well done Léa, thank you.

    1. It is truly inspirational to be in this environment Randall. Even people who don’t consider themselves artists are busy creating. Whether it is my neighbours with the iron forge who create gates, railings and such but with such style and design. Often incorporating the symbol for the Occitan/Catalan into their works or beautiful leafs of iron which seem to just sprout forth naturally from a railing… The process of creating a truly great wine is an art and in our area many dedicate their lives to it. They don’t stop there. Many also pick up a paintbrush and colour a canvas with their passion. It goes on and on. I shall warn you, there is going to be a Part III as there are still photos I wish to share. Merci beaucoup mon ami!

      1. You’ve found a home that I think is quite rare ~ a special place where people create life. To be able to see the things you mention above (symbols or leafs of iron made with care and talent) can do nothing but inspire those who see such art. As you say, they begin to incorporate the art, passion and dedication into their own lives in special ways. Not a bad way to live 🙂 Cheers!

      2. I may have had a rough start in life, and one cannot erase the past no matter how we try, one can find much more than peace, there is joy and I have it. Perhaps it is in how we choose to perceive things? Paix mon ami! 🙂

  3. Wow! So much beautiful art!!! Love the ink drawings and sculptures especially! What a very lovely post, Léa! xxx
    P.S. Sorry for being out of touch lately, but as I explained, sometimes I need a time-out to get things done 😉 Bisous!

    1. Alas, I still have more photos from that exhibit that need posting. Some I hope you will like… now, if I can put my rough draft aside. 😉 Bisous et câlins!

      1. I would love to do a ‘first person’ post of your exhibit but as it is a bit out of the neighbourhood… 😉 xxx

      2. Yes, that would be so lovely, but who knows? Maybe one day… or, as soon as I´m hilarously famous, I can come over and we do an exhibit around your neighbourhood 😉 xxxxxxx

      3. We shall have you exhibiting all over the south of France and then… on to Paris! 🙂 xxxx

      4. Ah, then I would definitely be there for both days of the exhibit. Meanwhile I shall have to find a few other venues, while you are in the neighbourhood… 🙂 xxx

      5. Around here there are always wonderful exhibits but I certainly wouldn’t miss yours! That would be a post all by itself. 😀 xxx

      6. I hope you enjoy the last in the series from Albas, I just posted L’Arte Caché Part III 😀 xxx

  4. Kath, you and the family are always welcome. While the tourists will thin out a bit soon, they never all go away. Since we are on La route des Cathars, we always get tourists. They love hiking up to look about the ancient chateaux and the view from up there is always breathtaking, not to mention the climb. However, the vendange (grape harvest) is just around the corner and in fact in some areas, some of the grapes are already taken. We hope for a good harvest but it has been so dry…
    A lot of students come from all over Europe to help with the harvest and experience life here. Perhaps one day…

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