L’ART CACHÉ Part I – 2016

Once again the small village of Albas hosts its annual L’Art Caché or Hidden Art. I’ve been attending for four years now and bring back photos to share with you. This is my favourite of the local art exhibits and I look forward to it long before it comes. I do hope that you find something that appeals to you among what I have here. I include the artists names, email address and/or website as available. Do yourself a favour and stop by the different artists and see what is on their sites. They have so much more to offer than what is represented here. The exhibition is brought to you by EUROCULTURE and it is one of the many events they stage and support all year.



Marie-Hélène Roger

You can reach Marie by email at rogermarieh@gmail.com or visit her website at marieheleneroger.com.


Marie-Hélène Roger
Marie-Hélène Roger


Marie-Hélène Roger

For those of you who have not see the previous years of this exhibit, let me just say that the reason it is called L’Art Caché or Hidden Art is because the work and the artists are set up all about the village in private courtyards, barns, vacant houses and it changes each year. Marie, above, has her work installed in the little stone bus shelter.

“Pure and simple volumes, emancipated forms. A sculpture that reveals all sides, changing, both stable and moving. A sculpture that is touched, caressed.”  – Jacques Duault

Jacques Duault
Jacques Duault – Sculpteur

Jacques keeps the lines simple, natural so that the marble can speak. I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen marble such as the one just above.

Jacques Duault – Sculpteur

Please stop by Jacques website: jacquesduault.com or email him at jacquesduault@orange.fr.

Anne Sarda – Artiste Plasticienne
“I am the woman of my life”
1881 – Present Women’s Historical Events

From 1881 to the Present, Anne has created her sculptures to represent achievements for women to cover the late 19th century, the 20th century and on to today. Please stop by Anne’s website at annesarda.com. There you can also find links to her nature work, photography and works with wood.

Marie-Hélène Carcanague
Marie-Hélène Carcanague
Marie-Hélène Carcanague

Please stop by Marie-Hélène’s website and see what she has in store for you at: peinture.cacanague.fr

While I had planned more photos for this post. For some reason WP is not letting me download more photos. However, there are many more and various artists that I am still anxious to share. I do hope you will return for Part II of this delightful exhibition. Also feel free to stop by the website for Eurocultures who are responsible for bringing us this work. Visit eurocultures.fr





19 thoughts on “L’ART CACHÉ Part I – 2016

  1. Lea some more beautiful creations, I love that the village is open to the public and the art is scattered around the place in bus shelters etc. What a fantastic idea.

    1. You see why I can’t wait for this particular event each year. Wait until you see Part II. There is some Whimsy that I believe you will absolutely love! Not to mention some other amazing work.

    1. Thank you Jennifer. Our village flag is at half staff and a black ribbon around it so it doesn’t unfurl. Unaware last night we celebrated Fête Nationale or what English speakers call Bastille Day. This morning we close rank. All for one and one for all.

      1. Unfortunately, it has. All my mind wants to think of right now is the tune in my head. The words are a part of me. Imagine…

  2. Beautiful artwork. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m relieved that you are alright after your national day. The world has gone mad, again.

    1. Thank you Anna. Is it any wonder why I look forward to this yearly event? I’ve been working on Part II and I think there are a few you will enjoy!
      Yes, the world has gone mad but I’m afraid it isn’t all that recent in doing so…

      1. We have so many year around that it is often difficult to choose. However, for me, L’Art Caché is not to be missed.

      2. Anna, you know you are always welcome here and I’m sure we can find some exhibits to suit you! 🙂

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