Portes Ouvertes: Cailhau Part 2

As promised, there is more to be seen from the exhibit in Cailhau. I shall provide links to the artists when possible and otherwise refer you to the Artist’s Collective website.artcailhau.blogspot.com and for those of you on Facebook, here is their link: facebook.com/cailhauartistes


This first photo is one of a few that are at Atelier galerie Al Trial which is where we left off in Part 1. 


Tsk, tsk, I cannot imagine a studio of my own being so organized! I do happen to have a number of friends who are artists and shall we say that I would not be alone… 


As we move from Atelier to Atelier we do so in a group. Now we move on to Atelier Du Verrier were we can see the Bijoux (jewellery) and Objet d’art by Matthew Millar.


Matthew can answer your questions via email at matthewmillar@outlook.com




It took me a moment to notice the bicycle up against the old house in the work above. I do believe it is the piece I like the most among his work.


Our next stop is Atelier boutique L’Ecurie de Pépé. Christine welcomes us into her space which is vibrant and warm. You can contact Christine at christine.dauris@orange.fr



Christine D. with one of her creations
Christine D. with one of her creations

Our next and final stop for this post will be Maison A. 

Barbara Dordi
Barbara Dordi

This poetry book is all hand made/sewn. The watercolours blend with the words. The work, meticulous. You can check out Barbara at http://www.barbaradardi.blogspot.com

Cover close-up!
Cover close-up!

Barbara is a poet/author and ceramicist. 

Handmade books are unique!
Handmade books are unique!
Song of the Shirt
Song of the Shirt

The Song of the Shirt was written by Thomas Hood in 1843 to honour a widow who sewed to feed her young children. If you want to know more of the story, check out the following link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Song_of_the_Shirt

In the above photo you can find the poem interspersed with photos of early 20th century women in sweat shops making shirts. The first verse of the poem is here for you.

Song of the Shirt

With fingers weary and worn,
With eyelids heavy and red,
A woman sat in unwomanly rags,
Plying her needle and thread—
Stitch! stitch! stitch!
In poverty, hunger, and dirt,
And still with a voice of dolorous pitch
She sang the “Song of the Shirt.”

“Work! work! work!
While the cock is crowing aloof!
And work—work—work,
Till the stars shine through the roof!
It’s O! to be a slave
Along with the barbarous Turk,
Where woman has never a soul to save,
If this is Christian work!

Till the brain begins to swim;


Please forgive the quality of these photos. I do not have others of these last two photographs but did want to show this piece.

3D in Copper
3D in Copper
"Open Minded"
“Open Minded”


These 3D copper creations are the work of Vincent Langlard. You can visit his website at http://www.vlang.net or contact@vlang.net.

Artist Vincent Langlard
Artist Vincent Langlard 


While the birds themselves were creative, if you look closely in the above photo you will find the small man. With the appearance of someone on back of the bird soaring higher I was swept away by this evocative piece. I also use this piece to close the series from Cailhau. I’ve no doubt we shall return.





21 thoughts on “Portes Ouvertes: Cailhau Part 2

  1. Very lovely post, Léa!!! 🙂 Probably the atelier looked just so organized for this special occassion?? If not – hats off!! 😉 I really love the pictures and the glass plate with the bicycle!!! xoxo

    1. Oh Sarah, that glass plate with the old shutters and bicycle… loved it. 🙂 However, it was Vincent’s copper birds soaring skyward with a tiny man on the back of one of them that really moved me. He later told me in an email what I already suspected. He created that after losing someone close. xoxo

      1. Yes, you´re absolutely right, this one is very beautiful and moving, too! It´s amazing what he does with copper, I´ve never used it before but I kind of feel that it might be interesting to try it out 🙂
        It´s so often that artists get their drive from sad emotions and create something absolutely beautiful and marvellous out of it. Although I´d prefer if everyone were happy, this kind of makes me think that somehow it is good for at least something. Hope I could make myself clear with that? It´s not always easy for me to put things in the right words with a foreign language, especially when I´m emotional 😉 But then, it even isn´t when I´m talking in german either, so … 🙂 Have to prepare dinner now – italia canneloni with spinach and ricotta 🙂 Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

    1. Absolutely! I was drawn to that piece Matthew did of the shuttered old house with the old bicycle leaning against it! However, it was Vincent’s copper birds with the single man atop that really tugged at the old heartstrings… Thank you Kate.

      1. Vincent later told me that, yes, he had lost someone very dear and that was the result. I had that feeling when I saw it and was so moved. It was kind of him to confirm my feeling.

      2. It’s weird that sometimes what we need, comes to us. Even if it’s something that just triggers a thought or a memory that helps us in that moment.

      3. Oh Kate, you are absolutely correct. I’ve already heard from someone who I communicate with both on and off the blog who found it just when she needed it. Thanks!

      1. Wondered where you were, I’ve had a small accident so haven’t been online much myself. All OK 😀

  2. I would agree that my office with anything I create is anything but organized, but I suppose if showing like these places in Cailhau are, I’d find a way 🙂 I very much like the way you’ve laid out these posts ~ incredible pieces of art with details on how to learn more about the art and artist. A great way to share both what you are seeing and experiencing to both us and the artists.

    1. Thank you for all your kind words. There will be much more art to come over the coming months, I hope you will enjoy it. 🙂 The artists hear are plentiful and varied and I am fortunate that they allow me to share their work. Léa

  3. The art, the glass and the bird, wow! would have been a wonderful day Lea. Im a bit envious of that studio and yes if I had one it would never look that tidy I can dream. Thanks for sharing.

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