Over eight years ago when I was in my early days of the hunt for a house to call home, I briefly visited the village of Cailhau. The house I had been taken to see required more work than I was looking to do but the village seemed to have much to be proud of. However, I should have explored more as there are treasures to behold. The artist community is thriving there and I have finally made it to one of their events. I may have to return soon.


I followed the path and found the first gallery of my journey. “La Bohème”, While I managed to snap a few photos, it was lunchtime and being France, it was closing until late afternoon. Happily I have a few pieces to show from here. There is much more information available on the artists collective if you visit their blog, artcailhau.blogspot.com or if you are on Facebook you can visit at facebook.com/cailhauartistes  

Artists of Cailhau carry on in the illustrious footsteps of a great artist who lived in the village and whose family still do. The group of artists that reside there are continuing the path of the earliest well known artist from Cailhau. Archille Laugé (1861-1944) moved to Cailhau in his youth with his parents. Despite his father’s wishes that he study Pharmacy in Toulouse in 1878, he followed his heart enrolling at the Beaux-Arts where he met the artist Bourdelle. At Beaux-Arts he came in contact with artists Alexandre Cabanal (1823-1889),  Jean-Paul Laurens (1838-1921), and Aristide Maillot (1861-1944) and the two were to become lifelong friends. He made his debut at the Paris Salon in 1884 with a depiction of his friend Bourdelle. 

Four years later, he left Paris and returned to Cailhau. He made many friends among the locals. During his time in Paris he adopted the divisionist touch of the Neo-Impressionists under the influence of Georges Seurat (1859-1891), he also had a high regard for the works of both Camille Pissarro (1830-1903) and Paul Signac (1863-1935).


Archille Laughé: Reproduction’s available in Cailhau

Laugé’s paintings and compositions reflect the harsh sunlight so prevalent in the south. Like a number of his contemporaries whose work followed a similar vein, Henri-Edmond Cross ( 1856-1910), Henri Martin (1860-1943) he too was drawn further south continuing to work in and around the area of Collioure.  Collioure, the beachside village that charmed Picasso, van Gogh, Cézanne and many more continues to inspire artists and is a must if you are in the south of France.

In 1894 three of his paintings were exhibited at the Salon des Independants, additionally,  a number of works at an exhibition which included Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947), Paul Sérusier (1863-1927), Henri de Toulouse -Lautrec (1864-1901) and Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940) in Toulouse. There is much more about the artist available online. Today his great-granddaughter continues to live in Cailhau.

La Bohème Gallérie


Christine D.

Christine’s creations are available at her Atelier/Boutique located in the centre of the village or you can email her directly at christine.daunis@orange.fr Additionally there is the Art Collective site as listed in the beginning of this post.

Atelier Du Verrier

Bijoux by Matthew/Objet d’art by Matthew 

These pieces were on display at the foyer. However, we shall get to his private gallery but most likely in a later post.

Vincent Langlard

You can find Vincent on the Art Collective site and at his private site http://www.vlang.net

There is more of his work in a future post.

Anne de Vylder

More of Anne’s work can be viewed on her site or by visiting Atelier Al Trial.

Le jardin de Jürgen
Le jardin de Jürgen
Les Sculptures de Jürgen
Les Sculptures de Jürgen
Les Sculptures de Jürgen
Le sculpture de Jürgen 
Le sculpture de Jürgen 
Le jardin et maison de Jürgen 

While Jürgen Engels passed on in January, his wife has graciously made their garden and some of Jürgen’s work available for us to see. While some of his work is still for sale, I did not find contact information. If you are interested I would contact the collective site or one of the other artists. 

Atelier Al Trial
Atelier Al Trial

There is more to see and inspire at Atelier Al Trial in a future post. 

Mireille Fourmont

You can find Mireille’s work at Atelier Al Trial, on the main website for the collective or her own personal site: http://www.mireillefourmont.fr

Unfortunately, not all artists had contact information available and I was referred to the collective site. I have been on the site a few times trying to identify some of the work. Alas some of the individual sites are temporarily down. Hopefully that will soon be rectified. 

In my experience, these art exhibits have something for everyone. I do hope you found something that appealed to you or perhaps some inspiration?




33 thoughts on “PORTES OUVERTES: CAILHAU – Part 1

  1. What a lovely post, Léa – thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!! 🙂 So many beautiful paintings and pieces of art – it must have been terrific to visit the ateliers 🙂 Sarah xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Sarah. If anyone can’t tell, I’m mad for art. There will be at least one more post from this show as there are many photos and more I want to share. 🙂 There are always Art shows around here and I get to as many as I can. However, there is one in Marseille that started last week that has me chomping at the bit. I’m waiting to hear from my friend in London if she can meet me there. If not, I may have to go alone. After all, it is Picasso! 🙂 Léa xoxo

      1. I can totally understand you – I´m also mad about art!! 🙂 It´s always such a thrill if you find or see something that you like at first sight. Hope your friend hurries up so you can enjoy the show together 😉 If not: just go twice 😉 I´m already looking very much forward to see/read your nexts posts!!! 😀 xoxo

      2. I just wish I could paint or sculpt… 🙂 I do play with the oils from time-to-time but I’m terrible. C’est la vie! I don’t plan to miss the exhibit in Marseille. Thank you for your kind words. There are some things coming up in the Cailhau follow-up posts that I really enjoyed. 🙂 Yes, I enjoyed it all but I am referring to the ones that really move me. 🙂 xoxo

      3. I can´t imagine that you´re terrible at it! That´s probably just your inner critic totally in over-drive 😉 I would love to see your oils, if you don´t mind sharing them?? And anyway, I always feel that it´s the process of making art that counts – the result doesn´t matter as much. Of course, it´s great if it´s nice and other people like it, but I more or less do it ´cause it makes me happy 🙂 And besides, one can only get better if one keeps practicing;)
        So just do it! xoxo

      4. They are so bad, I hide them from myself even! I’ve never had any lessons or such. They are my ‘therapy’ or the closest this A.D.D. mind will ever get to meditation. 😉 xoxo

      5. Oh, no! That bad, really? I don´t believe it! I also never had any real lessons. My mother is a porcelain painter though and my grandfather was also very artsy, so I guess it´s an inheritance 🙂 And meditation does describes this whole art process really well, I think. So, you just don´t pay any attention to the “hidiousness” of your paintings but insist on doing what´s good for you then 😀 xoxo

      6. I wouldn’t lie to you. One of them, I kind of like anyway. It is a caricture of dubya or who some people know as George Bush Jr. It is in the style of Andy Warhol and quite garish. It has been finished a long time except for the quote that goes in the little bubble. Perhaps one day. I’ve distanced myself so much from that country, I have no interest any more. 🙂 xoxo
        Actually, the sea and writing are my life! 🙂 xoxo

      7. Hi Léa! I would very much like to see your caricature in the style of Warhol – it sounds very promising!!! 🙂
        I love the idea of you sitting at the sea and writing – it´s such a beautiful image 🙂 It´s wonderful once we find the things in life that give us purpose I think 🙂
        Wish you a beautiful thursday tomorrow! Sarah xoxo

      8. Hi Sarah, I shall see what I can do but it is not going on the blog! 😉 Oh, I do love the sea. It is a well known fact that there is salt water flowing in my veins. 😉 I always have a small journal and at least one book with me wherever I go… 😉 It is a gorgeous Thursday and so much going on here in the village. A vide grenier that has been going on since six this morning until about two in the afternoon, a laying of a wreath at the monument at 11:30am all topped off by music and dancing tonight until the ‘wee’ hours which often means about 5am. After all, it is France! 😉 Happy Thursday, Léa xoxo

      9. Well, you could send me an email if you like … 🙂 You´ll find my adress on my about page.
        I also love the sea very, very much!! Everytime I´m in it, I wish I were a seal and swim like them 🙂
        Your thursday sounds like fun! I just went to “Tempelhofer Feld” (an abandoned airfield right in the middle of Berlin) and enjoyed a good walk. The sun was shining gloriously and everyone just seems to embrace summer 🙂 To top it, I made myself a spanish tortilla (sucessfully flopped it over;) and a lovely salat. Not much of a party I fear but I rather like it that way 😉 Bonne soirée, Léa! xoxo

      10. Sarah, I’m not a party person myself but I do so like knowing that the alternative is there. Also, I do like to spend a bit of time when they are outdoors and those start soon enough. I love watching all the generations mixing and enjoying each other and dancing! 🙂 As for the sea, I shall tell you my secret, I am really a Selkie. Now get on google if you are not familiar with the Selkies. 🙂 I will look for your email. 🙂 Bonne soirée mon amie! 🙂

      11. Ahh – a selkie!! That explains everything 🙂 Yes, I do know, though I´ve never met one in person 😉 One of my ideas for a future painting is to show a selkie when it comes out of the water and transforms into a woman 🙂 I really hope I´ll paint it someday! Now I´m busy painting a lovely pair of puffins – they are one of my favourite birds 🙂 Bon weekend, mon amie 🙂 xoxo

      12. Now you understand. 😉 There is a movie for young people about the selkie and I use to play it for my children when they were young. 🙂 It showed a selkie woman as she wriggled out of her skin! 😉 Oh, I can’t wait to see the puffins, they are not selkies but they are adorable. 🙂 Bonne weekend mon amie et bisous et câlins. 🙂 xoxo

      13. Bonjour Léa! 🙂 Do you happen to remember the film´s title? Maybe it would help with my painting…:) The latest book regarding to selkies that I´ve read was by Elizabeth George (The Edge of water) – loved it 🙂
        Hope you´ll like my puffins as well as the real ones 😉 Bisous & calins! 🙂 xoxo

      14. Bonjour Sarah! 🙂 Absolutely, it is The Secret of Roan Inish. 🙂 My daughter was speaking about it recently, childhood memory, and I sent her a copy. 🙂 I’ve no doubt that the puffins will be delightful. 🙂 Bisous et câlins! 🙂 xoxo

      15. Merci beaucoup, Léa! I´ll see if I can get a copy at my local library 🙂 Hope your daughter enjoyed watching it again! Bisous et câlins (see, I even managed the accent here 😉 I´m going to go to the Library of the Institute francais next week as well and get some comics – The extra-ordinaire adventures de Adele Blan-Sec – so I can practice my french, which isn´t above that crucial level yet where I can read real novels 😦 ) xoxo

      16. Merci mon amie! You can always get a copy of Charlie Hebdo, there are plenty of cartoons there… 😉 I am very impressed with your accents. 🙂 I do admit to watching films in French, French radio (local), French poetry seems to come much easier than prose but I write so much poetry myself. 🙂 No doubt I shall always struggle with it but won’t give up or in. It is such a beautiful language. 🙂 xoxo

      17. Oops! So sorry! I overlooked your message! I hope you´ll forgive me?
        You´re right, I´ll look out for Charlie Hebdo as well – actually I´m going to that french mediatheque today! I wish my french were as good as yours! I sometimes watch french films but always with subtitles otherwise it really would be too difficult to understand. But I´m just reading Gustave Flaubert´s Madame Bovary 🙂 (ok, it´s in german, but it helps getting in the mood, I hope). It really is such a beautiful language, n´est-ce pas? 😉 Do you write your poetry and stories in french as well? Wish you a wonderful and sunny day, mon amie 🙂 Pleine des bisous!!! xoxo

      18. Please forgive me Sarah. I have been without internet since 8 May. There are over three hundred email messages waiting to be answered… I think you get the picture. My reading French is much better than speaking but I’ve always been the one listening not talking. I avoid phones like the plague! 😉 I read French poetry, watch films and even go to our village cinema. Most every day I read le journal (newspaper) but it is still a struggle trying to speak and it is more difficult with some than others. In addition, in our little village it is a heavily accented (Catalan/Occitan) French! 😉 C’est la vie! Bisous et câlins! xoxo

      19. But of course, Léa! 🙂 Don´t you worry! I also have problems with my internet connection from time to time, or like now, little difficulties with my eyes ´cause I sunburned them. That´s why I´m getting back to you this late… 😦
        Wow! Over 300 mails! You´re quite popular 😉
        Listening is always easier in a foreign language than talking I think 😉 At least for me! The only french I know do speak german so it´s much easier (ad faster!) to talk with in that language;)
        Haha! I´m also not very fond of phones! 🙂 I prefer seeing the people I´m talking to 😉 If you´d like you could try writing me in french, although I´m not so sure how much of it I would understand…;) But it would definitely be worth a try, dont´you think?
        Hope you have a wonderful day!! Bisous et câlins! xoxo

    1. Thank you Polly. I am so very fortunate to be here among all of this beauty. There are many more photos from the show so there will be at least one more post… Wait, there is a huge Picasso exhibit in Marseille now through August 29. I may have to go and blow it…

    1. Thank you Jennifer. Alas, I took about two hundred photos and there are a few I just have to post so there will be more of Cailhau… 🙂

    1. Kate, that is so kind. Please know there is more to come. Also, there is a huge Picasso exhibit in Marseille until 29 August so I am hoping…

  2. There is something special about small towns, or areas of cities where artists create a great atmosphere of creativity and it brings a sense of peace and calmness. You certainly show this in both your words and photographs (love the painting at La Bohème Gallérie). There is a quality of life that is enhanced by art, and by people like you who have the eye and ears to see and bring things to us 🙂

    1. Once again, that you for your kind words. I am so fortunate to be among such creativity. It seems there is always something to look forward to. There is a massive exhibit of Picasso going on in Marseille and I am hoping to be there to report on it. 🙂

    1. It was a small art show but I felt one worth the trip. However, 9 & 10 July is one of my favourite art shows in nearby Albas. L’art Cache! xx

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