Du marché Narbonne: le printemps

Yes, we just went down these same paths last week, but I went back on Market Day and thought you might like to see it for yourselves. I hope you don’t mind re-visiting so soon.

Les Halles

The vendors commence right up to the road and to the canal. There are many vendors on both sides of the canal and most anything is on offer. How is your French? You can haggle down a price on some goods and some of the vendors speak more than one language.


As you can see from this photo, table coverings must be sufficiently weighted down or clamped. When the Mediterranean winds kick in, things can become airborne.

Les Halles

While Les Halles is only closed about two or three days in the entire year, it’s vendors are finished and closed up by noon. The restaurants serve lunch but close up afterwards and do not serve any other meal.

Fresh spices anyone? Ah, the aroma…

Until you have bought and used fresh spices in your cooking, it is hard to know what you are missing.


I do love Lavande (Lavender). There are sachets in several drawers and with the linens. Once I read that if you put it under or next to your pillow it would sweeten your dreams and it can be comforting if you are lying down with a headache.

Purses, caps…
A typo or ?

Yes, these are on mens sport socks and I’m afraid that I just couldn’t resist including the photo.

Les écharpes

I keep telling myself to buy one. Alas, I wear them so infrequently. They do provide a lot of colour for the price.


Les vetements

The clothes are a big clue as to the season. The next few photos leave no doubt. 

Plants and fresh cut flowers abound!
Couleur de printemps
Les fleurs
Café ou rosé?

After all that shopping it is time for an aperitif…or perhaps lunch? There are many restaurants that would be happy to serve you.

Despite the plaza being filled with items for sale, this is only a small part of the Thursday market. Not far off there is a parking lot that is set aside each Thursday morning for Marché and in addition to what is offered here, there is also have fresh produce, cheeses, and other assorted foods.




43 thoughts on “Du marché Narbonne: le printemps

      1. Soon it will be mobbed with tourists. Being so far south, we get tourist year around but it is about to get really busy. So I do the best thing and head for the beach! 🙂

  1. Love seeing all the spring flowers. I can almost smell the warm spicy breezes in your market. Here, pockets of snow still hide in the shady spots of our yard and more snow is in the forecast this afternoon. Spring in southwestern Ontario. Sigh.

  2. Oh Lea, The visual splendour! I feel like I have been here now. The scent of lavender and fresh spices. What a wonderful market and the clothes and gardens are bright and bold. Enjoy the warm weather it will be beach time for you soon.

    1. Kath, you remember how much I love the sea. I do believe there is salt water in my veins… Yes, you are right, the market is a feast for the senses. It is growing colder for you so please take extra care!

      1. Glad to hear it Kath. It is gorgeous here as well and that temptation to head for the beach… you do understand. Of course a book will go with.

    1. Thank you Michelle. Yes, it is tough living here on the Mediterranean but someone has to… 🙂 I do hope you will be back!

  3. Thanks for the walk. It feels like I’m almost there watching all the beautiful flowers and the lavender and the socks LOL!

      1. I’m a picture person. I always look at pictures, then read text, it the other way around, so I saw the picture first and thought what the… Then I read what you wrote about it.

      2. Yep! And someone maybe reading this conversation and take a look to see what we’re talking about 🙂

      3. You can be observant in different ways. But it’s kind of sad so few noticed the picture.

      4. Actually I was a bit surprised by a few who did not… I wasn’t surprised that you did. I don’t think much escapes your gaze!

      5. I have to rely on my eyes since birth. Only one ear working, so I have to catch up the surroundings with every other sense if I should miss to hear something. So my eyes have always been at work widely 🙂

  4. super post, comme d’hab’… 🙂 ❤
    * * *
    P.S. I've just read and did like the quotes, too… especially the one by Carly-Jay Metcalfe: true, realistic and common sense… 🙂

    1. Carly is without a doubt the most amazing woman! Have you seen her blog? Wow! She has also done a TedX Talk. Look for her under Carly-Jay Metcalfe.

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