The Life of Dachau ~ On Quality and Giving Up

With this reblog, I break my own rule regarding posts from outside France.

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Dachau, Germany -1

Those three words, seared into the mind, bring a pain I cannot define. I want to reach out and feel the cold iron letters, erasing their significance ~ “Arbeit Macht Frei”

The naïveté when I first read this motto ~ “Work sets you free” still burns.  I stepped through the gate into my new home at Dachau, holding fast to this false promise of hope. Hope because hard work and quality were where I hung my hat.

I’ve since learned.

Dachau, Germany -2

The cold today still gnaws at me within my bones, the chill a constant reminder of Dachau. I adjust my covers fully aware the feeling will never leave, so I lay quietly, shivering. One thought creeping around my mind like a serpent, a repeated whisper: “give up, give in.

My mind drifts back to those first months. Every piece of my body ached, the world seemingly dissolved around…

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2 thoughts on “The Life of Dachau ~ On Quality and Giving Up

  1. This is a very wonderful rule you have ~ and am with you. There are times when something comes along and it is very good for us to reflect, ponder and of course never forget. You are wonderful Léa, simply wonderful.

    1. You are too kind. Yes, there are things we know we MUST do and I had to do this. I’ve had friends, I’ve had neighbours who were survivors. I’ve heard their stories. I am grateful to you for the wonderful post. Thank you dear friend.

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