Nathalie Dento et Fabienne Laheurte


Exposition: La Galerie BeauN'Art
Exposition: La Galerie BeauN’Art

A beautiful summer evening and art. What more could one ask for? While I had viewed some of Fabienne’s ceramics in the Albas expo, L’Art Caché last month, there is no such thing as too much art. Even better, it was the opportunity to meet both artist and have a tiny chat. They were happy to discuss their work but being the opening, others clamoured for them as well so I shall do the best I can with what I have and actually, find their work to say it best.

Peinture - Nathalie Dento
Peinture – Nathalie Dento

“Each of my paintings tells my life, it is the track of my emotions, my fragrant road multicolored joys, sparkling…  neutral, gray or transparent depths, research, sadness and mourning which translation is the dark, this … forever.” – Nathalie Dento

Some of these paintings spoke to me on a much deeper level. I’ve always had a strong connection with the sea and when a work of art can transport me there, when I can feel it’s pull physically, it pulls like the tide. At times they can pull me under to explore the underwater world and at times they open up to the light and help me see beyond.







Nathalie’s paintings are so striking to view. You can contact her at:

While I do enjoy the openings and the assurance of getting at least a glimpse of the artist or artists, it also limits the accessibility to the work and the opportunity to capture the best or even a level field for photographs. Will this stop me from attending openings in the future? Not likely. Yet there are times I would be tempted to sneak back and see if I could improve the quality of my work when time and distance make this a possibility. Alas, openings are those rare occasions when all artists involved are likely to be in attendance.  Both women are eager to discuss their work but time does not really allow this under such circumstances.

Fabienne Laheurte
Fabienne Laheurte – Sculpteur



There were smiles all around!
There were smiles all around!

Due to the small space that was available at this time, Fabienne was unable to display much of her work due to the limited floor space. However, when I did my post last month for L’Art Caché in Albas, I was fortunate enough to experience some of the artists other work. Please visit the second of the L’Art Caché posts, to view more of what she has to offer.  You can also contact Fabienne through or email:




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