Céramiques de Véronique


Recently while visiting friends in a nearby village, we popped into a neighbours home for a viewing of her work. Véronique’s work was displayed over two rooms and entrance hall of her home.

Véronique Le Besnerais
Véronique Le Besnerais – The artist at work and wearing one of her own creations

While I go to studios, galleries and museums when I can, It added a special charm to the event to be in the artist’s home. Canapés were available on the kitchen table and Véronique’s partner poured the wine while both of them were available for questions.

Les poissons
Les poissons

Being so near the Mediterranean, poissons (fish) are everywhere! Such pieces could certainly add to a fish dinner.


Fish plate and tiles
Fish plate and tiles

There is such a wide variety of colourful tiles everywhere you go. I sometimes think there may be an entire post on simply tiles. Here the tray of bowls seem to almost float above the tiled floor.

Pair of platters and small plate
Pair of platters and small plate
Variations on an artist's palette?
Variations on an artist’s palette?
Les légumes
Les légumes
The HAND...
Wearable art
Wearable art

A delightful sense of humour and a touch of whimsy spill over into Véronique’s work. If you have any questions for Véronique, regarding her work, you can contact her directly at: vlebesnerais@gmail.com




21 thoughts on “Céramiques de Véronique

    1. Certainly cheerful and whimsical! If I had young ones, I would love to serve them treats on that platter with the hand.
      I’m also considering a post on the tiles. There are so many different styles. I’ve yet to see carpeting anywhere here.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed them Kath. I imagine Christine serving her wee folk on those small plates with the eye and the platter with the hand filled with biscuits. 🙂

  1. Very colourful and whimsical indeed! These would brighten up any home I think 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog by the way. Good to meet you.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment and all the post likes. I am glad you are discovering France along with me and that you are following one of my blogs.
      I have been looking at your blog but seem unable to find where to click like or even how to leave comments? Best wishes, Léa

  2. I like how the plates with faces seem to be talking with each other. The colorful bowls make me think of decorating eggs for Easter. Very fun!

    1. Thank you Sheila! Yes, I love the whimsy of it all. Imagine serving cookies for children on the platter with the hand? 🙂

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