Happy 74th B’day, Joan Baez & MERCI, Lady Liberty!

Nous sommes tous Charlie

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a genuine rebel lady with plenty of causes,  like her “twin” Simone de Beauvoir… Miss Baez is both francophone and francophile… ❤

To the people of France,

I wish to send my deepest sympathy to those most closely affected by the executions at Charlie Hebdo, and to a French public in mourning. Liberals and conservatives in equal measure understand the value and importance, not to mention joy, of satire, humor, nonsense, and courage in the 21st century. Which makes the executions at Charlie Hebdo more than enraging, more than terrifying, more than shocking (as there is little left to shock us in these times). It makes the murders, simply, heartbreaking. I ask permission to share in your grief.

Thank you,
Joan Baez

FREEDOM is the engine of DEMOCRACY, it does have a heavy price and we should NEVER forget that it’s not just an outdated word. We need to…

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10 thoughts on “Happy 74th B’day, Joan Baez & MERCI, Lady Liberty!

      1. merci encore, Léa! ❤ such a pity, Prez Barry-O was not in Paris yesterday… Prez Chirac did go to NYC after "9/11"… at least, John Kerry could have come, as he's 1/2 French… dommage, mais les voies de la géopolitique sont souvent impénétrables…
        * * *
        sunny thoughts & friendly hugs… ❤

  1. I have SO much of your blogging to catch up with! I am always amazed at how you manage to see my posts, and now I realize how many of yours I haven’t seen. I will scroll down now but wont spam you with likes, but I WILL like them all!

    1. I’ve had so many issues with the computer, it is surprising I’ve seen any posts at all. Some of the ones, I never missed don’t show up in my inbox or reader anymore? As for being behind, it seems I am always behind and since I will be away in a few days, I don’t see it getting any better in the immediate future.

      1. I did have to play Sherlock to recover some of those I follow and others are still on the missing list so don’t let it go too long!

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