Châtaignes (Chestnuts) roasting on an open fire… Actually in the small village of Embres et Castelmaure (Population approximately 150) there were several fires last night as people from the village and a few others assembled to enjoy a meal, entertainment, socialising and of course, châtaignes.

Assembling in the small foyer was a snug fit!
Assembling in the small foyer was a snug fit!

There was a good turnout and everyone showed excellent community spirit while relocating to accommodate everyone who turned out. Pitchers of a new wine, pale yellowish color, were placed on each table and a toast to the harvest.

One of our local choirs
One of our local choirs


One of the local choirs (made up of members of local villages) performed several songs before the meal and a few more at the end of the event.  Of course canapes, more wine (red), juice and water quickly appeared on each table.

Smiles all around!
Smiles all around!

At most every village meal I have attended since moving to France, everyone brings their own dishes and cutlery.  Organisers who have worked so hard in planning and preparing are not stuck in the small kitchen for hours with clean-up.

As the choir finished, everyone went to the serving area and got steaming bowls of soup! Perfect for a chilly evening. I’m not sure but it was similar to a butternut squash soup that I make only also had large croutons and sprinkled with cheese. It was delicious.

The soup disappeared quickly!
The soup disappeared quickly!

As people returned to their seats some of the organisers carried large platters of freshly grilled sausages and as usual, all you can eat. I want to warn anyone thinking of joining in one of these events, come prepared with an empty stomach. La pièce de résistance – Châtaignes fresh from the fires they were roasted upon and wrapped in quantities of newspaper were passed around to each table. Once again a village comes together to enjoy nature’s bounty and celebrate there community.

Nutty, creamy and delicious!
Nutty, creamy and delicious!

Much like any family meal, everyone pitches in with clearing the tables and taking them down then stacking the chairs.

Leaves from nearby provide the perfect centerpiece
Local color!


Some of the locals


Bon appétit!
Bon appétit!
 Jöel visiting from Avignon

Jöel visiting from Avignon

It seems as one season of celebrating and festivals ends another one begins. Life is to celebrate and we certainly do!

When planning a visit to France, check out what might be available in the areas you plan to visit. I promise you won’t be sorry!










18 thoughts on “Châtaignes

    1. It was so simple, low key and so much fun for everyone. Chestnuts are amazing. I had them once when living in New York and they were stale and burnt. I didn’t try them again until moving here. Yummy! xxx

    1. They are a treat! I never had one until I was living in New York and bought some off a street vendor just to try them. They were disappointing to say the least. I didn’t have them again until I came to France. Now, I am hooked! 🙂 xxx

  1. Lea its amazing what a great event you can have if all the community pitch in and help. Small village atmosphere is something I love. The food looked delicious and as always I am hungry when you share these lovely evenings.

  2. may I have some, PLEASE-SVP?… 🙂 merci d’avance! 😉 btw, I often use chestnut flour, supposed to be much healthier than the wheat one… have a warm evening and thanx for droppin’ by my air de jeux… ❤

    1. Sorry, I ate the ones I had… 😉 They are much better hot off the coals. Bon soirée! Thanks for dropping by one of the blogs! 🙂

    1. Merci beaucoup! You have made my day. I started this blog three years ago today and have enjoyed meeting some fascinating people and sharing my love for France. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. This is certainly one of the things I miss living in a huge metropolis of 4 million people. Strange how among all these millions, one can feel so much more alone at times than when living in a small village. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Absolutely! I don’t know which “metropolis” you are in but I have lived in New York so I do understand. Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you will continue to enjoy the posts. Léa

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