Fête de vin

First band of the evening warming up
First band of the evening warming up

The annual fête de vin or wine festival in Carcassonne is not to be missed. Tourists come specifically for this event and locals come to have a fun evening or two and try the different wines from the areas represented.  The location of this particular festival is located in the center of town, Place carnot. There are cafés one each side of the square but during the hours of the event, they limit what is on offer.

In the photo above, the first band of the evening is warming up their instruments and the crowds. Being France, it isn’t long before the dancing begins. The vendors are setting opening bottles and setting up the dishes they will offer. Each vendor will have foods that are best served with the wines they have for sale. One vendor specialises in desert wines and has several decadent deserts available.  Glasses of wine to try are normal serving size and available for between one and two euros per glass.

Fountain in the center of the square
Fountain in the center of the square

At intervals around the vendors stalls you will find large covered wine barrels that serve as bars or counter space where groups of people can gather around and enjoy their drinks and food. Once the festival gets going it quickly gets crowded and navigating can be a bit challenging but worth it.

The crowds descend
The crowds descend

Some carried a light wrap for the evening but we were fortunate and didn’t need them. The weather was glorious and we sat in the square at Chez Felix, a favourite café. Even with most of the square’s cafés staying open, seating was at a premium so our group of four would take turns looking for a wine and food to try. We each found different wines and foods and sampled and shared. It was a great evening.

A good time was had by all!
A good time was had by all!








18 thoughts on “Fête de vin

      1. I know I would! As a young girl, I dreamed of seeing the Eiffel Tower in person. Maybe one day I’ll have the chance. Thanks for sharing!

      2. Paris is amazing but so is the rest of France and they are so different. The Eiffel Tower is unforgettable but do allow time to explore more of Paris and France. My first trip here was six weeks short with a rail pass and a backpack. It went so fast, I returned the following year to stay. I had left my heart here. Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment.

    1. Kath, you have that right! It was a perfect evening and we are still walking about without sweaters. I was talking to someone last night who just moved here in June from the north of France and he could not get over how warm it was. If we can only be fortunate enough to have a mild winter like last year…

    1. That particular festival is only two days. However, there are wine festivals all over with most lasting only a day or two. Any other event here usually includes more wine tasting.
      Thanks for stopping by so I could see your blog. I just pulled it up!

      1. It’s important to know the dates, so maybe next year I could join this fest 😉 I’m not so far from France and I’m a wine lover …Thank you for be so kind and so fast to reply 🙂

      2. It is usually about the same time each year and the office of tourism should be able to inform you. I will warn you that they are a bit slow about getting the information out. A friend in London just books her flight for that weekend and it has only been off once in the past seven years. 🙂

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