33 thoughts on “BOOK RELEASE

    1. Thank you Kath! That means a lot coming from you. I saw an animal on another blog from Australia this morning and I imagined what you could do with it. It was a Racoon variety I believe. It was cute but could be amazing with your magic!

      1. I have put you on my Amazon wish list next to Walt Whitman. When my budget allows I treat myself. I want to read more poetry to open my mind and get that flow that is missing in my writing. Well done Lea you should be very proud of what you have achieved.

      2. Thank you Kath. I am truly honoured. I might say that this one has quite a bit of darkness in it. There is a second collection which is nearly complete (it just needs a forward) which is much more positive. Yes, I have my wish list as well. I have one friend that insisted on it. We find little things for each other’s birthdays and the rule is used and preference for paperbacks (I don’t have kindle).

      3. I would be lost without kindle as postage is a killer to Australia. Have a great day, I also would like to ask you, I have asked our friend Christine to be a beta reader for Sugar and Spice once I have the next wave of revisions done. It took a beating from the editor friend so I need help, getting that balance and flow. I would be honoured if you say yes.

      4. YES! I am honoured that you asked! Anything I can do of course!
        BTW, I never even saw a kindle until late June when a dear friend visited and had his with him.

      5. That is sweet. Don’t forget to watch the budget. It is the same here so I understand. My kids have offered to buy me one but I love my old paperbacks.

      6. BTW, I wonder if my “cover” cat has possibilities in your illustration world. It was a cat I saw at another village and couldn’t resist the photo. Someone mentioned it looked crabby but as I said, looks can be deceiving and is very sweet.

      7. I think He/she is adorable I am doing an illustration for Christine at the moment. If you email me a good quality pic I can draw it for you. I am going to start a pet portrait business on Etsy and need a few pets to do, to show what I can do. So you can have a freeby Lea. Love to.

      8. It isn’t even my cat. I saw it in another village while photographing an art show and just couldn’t resist. I just thought he/she? might inspire a character. Are you doing Jack for Christine? He is her noble friend and tries to keep her out of trouble… Bon courage et bonne chance with the portrait business!

      9. I think that cat would inspire a character lol I am doing a Bee pick from Christine’s garden. But this week I off away for a few days with family so no work, just play for me Lea talk soon.

    1. You are so very sweet Christine! Thank you. I’m not sure when they will get printed as to do it myself is tres cher and through Amazon, I’m not comfortable with some of their conditions.
      How was your weekend? I’m sure the wee ones took good care of you and now Jack has taken over. 🙂 xxx

      1. Well whenever it is there I will be too!

        The weekend has been good but strangely quiet. There is a sicky bug at chéz Theo and Solomon which has now intruded upon their parents so we have stayed well clear! They are beginning to get over it but Im not taking any risks as I want go be on that ferry to Ireland this Friday! xxx

      2. Ah, it is this Friday. I’m way off thinking it was this past weekend. You are wise to stay away as kids do share such things. You certainly don’t need that and when they have recovered you will be ready for story duty! Have a wonderful trip. xxx

  1. Hurrah! I’m so excited at the prospect of having your book in my hot little hands! I’m seconds away from downloading it on my Kindle! Massive congratulations are in order xoxo

    1. Beware, I’ve been told a few typos appeared. Actually, I have another book, more positive, all ready as soon as I find someone to write the forward. There have been three “No’s” already. They tell me they are not qualified. I don’t want anyone doing what they are not comfortable with. Fingers crossed! xoxo

      1. I think typo’s are par for the course with a lot of books on Kindle, so not to worry. It’s the content that’s important 🙂 Let me know how you go with the foreword (also, check your inbox) xoxo

      2. I’ve been reading some Hemingway over the summer and now Fitzgerald (a summer of classics) and have found more than a few typos. However, it is more forgivable in prose! 🙂
        If you would like to see the work I do have, I am happy to send it to you. It is basically a collection of celebration of a life in France. xoxo
        Yes, I responded to the message in my inbox! 🙂 xoxo

    1. Merci beaucoup mon amie!

      Hopefully the next book will be released soon. The next one is all about life here in France! 🙂 Bisous et calins

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