Encore: Palavas les Flots

A very dear friend David (former professor and “adoptive” dad) had been visiting Italy and a stop here in the south of France. As usual, his visit went by ever so quickly and I returned him to the airport in Montpellier. While I had given some thought to a day in Montpellier, it was a day made for the beach.  I had visited Palavas-les-Flots six years earlier with my best friend. Rita and I spent four nights in the village and I have some wonderful memories of swimming in the sea, dining in some wonderful restaurants and exploring a most charming village. Unfortunately, this would be a brief visit but one well worth making.


La rivière à gauche
La rivière à gauche



Galerie d'Art
Galerie d’Art

 One of many art galleries to visit is the  Galerie d’Art – Gustave Courbet. There are also two museums for you to enjoy. The first is the Musée d’Albert Dubout, for more on his work, check out this link:  http://dubout.fr/

The other museum is le petit train. For more information on this lovely village visit the website of the office of tourism. You can select from several languages to suit your needs.  http://ot-palavaslesflots.com/



Being a die-hard Sea lover, I can’t pass up an opportunity to take a photo of Poseidon!

Something for everyone!


Côté Café

Côté Cafe where Rita and I stopped for a coffee one morning. The smells coming from the kitchen beckoned us back for lunch and there were no regrets. The sauce was made with cèpes and we learned that the taste was as amazing as the aroma. The hotel we stayed in was small, nearby and reasonable. It was in walking distance of everything.


Shops and Cafés

Anything you may have forgotten to pack is available not to mention the usual postcards and souvenirs. I must admit that the Cat below was tempting and would make a delightful sac for beach lovers with ample room to include your lotion and other necessities.

Fun bag in shop window



Le Bianca Restaurant
Le Bianca Restaurant


Mme Christiane Siau (seated) welcomes you to her restaurant
Mme Christiane Siau (seated) welcomes you to her restaurant


 Rita and I stopped here more than once during our visit in 2008. I was happy to see Mme. Siau still running things and chose to stop here for my birthday luncheon. You cannot get fresher seafood and I know I shall return. This time, I won’t wait that long. It is the perfect place to really get away and is family friendly. Wherever you path leads you, I hope you do get the chance to stop by and enjoy.



19 thoughts on “Encore: Palavas les Flots

    1. Thank you Polly! My friend Carol told me that. When she was unable to get around too well, after surgery, she would ride in my car and point out what she wanted me to photograph for her so she could paint it. 🙂

  1. Well this looks like an amazing place to visit even in my inagination Lea. How lovely that the same lady still runs the restaurant. A beautiful place indeed! And your photos are stunnibg. I wish I could visit.
    love xxx

    1. It is a lovely place to visit. I can’t believe it took me so long to get back there. However, once there, you want to stay longer than a day… 🙂

      Love xxx

    1. Just all of you being together will make it so special! Have a wonderful time as I know you will. Then later, Jack can spill all the dirt in his journal… :))



    1. Kath, you are so sweet. Palavas is not flashy like Nice or Canne, it is a tranquil family village which opens its arms to the tourists and says you are welcome to be here.

  2. France the beautiful again… 🙂 the Germans have an expression: to live like a god in France… and the Dutch say “we all have 2 homelands: ours and France!” 🙂 QED… 😉

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