8 Amazing Architectural Creations to See Before You Die

A reminder of some of the amazing places that are out their waiting for us to discover!

Globe Drifting


‘We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.’– Winston Churchill

The industrious swallow delicately collects branches from nearby greenery to build her homely nest, the weary beaver juggles logs for his unassuming riverside den while the rabbit burrows deep into the ground to create his secret earthy haven. They live side by side amongst one another, yet rare is the rabbit with a nest or the beaver with a burrow, each loyally upholds the architectural tradition of his kind to conjure up a new home for the winter with the woodland that surrounds him.

For humankind, it is much the same; we further the traditions of our culture or nation and however sparse the resources, we mould our environment to make it our own. We however, go yet one step further than the animal kingdom; whether it be a mud hut or a mansion, we draw on cultural customs whilst…

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6 thoughts on “8 Amazing Architectural Creations to See Before You Die

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I need to go back and look at that post when I’m on my computer. My phone isn’t doing it full justice. The temples on Reunion Island? Wowsa!

    1. I’m glad you agree. That is why I re-blogged it so others could see it. It makes you want to dust off the old passport…

    1. Yes! While I have seen some amazing things in my travels I cannot take credit for those photos as it was a re-blog. However, I do appreciate your comment.

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