Artist: Bruno Aimetti

Bruno Aimetti
Bruno Aimetti


After his studying at the Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg , painting and illustration


section , Bruno Aimetti begins as an illustrator and as a commercial graphic designer in Paris and Normandy. Fifteen years later , reviving his Italian origins , he left for the gray light from the south and returned to painting . He opened a studio in Gordes and Carpentras . The success was immediate. The following exhibitions : Cologne, Paris , Chicago, Colorado Springs , Avignon






Amnesty International has selected his work for 2 consecutive years.
It also actively involved in the creation, staging and iconography shows with Balcony Theatre Company Serge Barbuscia in Avignon.
In spring 2012 , he visited a writer friend recently installed in the Cabardès and fell under the spell of Montolieu and its surroundings.
He decides to leave Provence and moved into the center of the village of the books.
Bruno Aimetti subsequently opened to the public , his studio gallery at Easter of 2013 in the old pharmacy .

As you can see, my friend Yvonne and I were warmly greeted at the door by the artist and he happily showed us around, answered questions and assisted Yvonne with a few purchases. He welcomed my camera going wild and I am anxious to share a few


of his paintings and a drawing with you. Unfortunately, my camera and skills do not really do them justice. I look forward to seeing what he has done by my next trip there and encourage those who can to stop by and enjoy all that is on offer. There is much more available on his website and I happily share that with you and hope you will visit him at, or better yet, stop by Montolieu and speak to the artist himself and fall in love with a magical village!

I hope you will enjoy what is available.  Please take a moment and click on each photo for a better view!






























Atelier Aimetti
Atelier Aimetti




















21 thoughts on “Artist: Bruno Aimetti

  1. Great post Lea! And very interesting and different art! My favourite is the one of the couple sitting on what looks like a cauliflower! Also love the rocking horse one! Thanks for sharing


    1. Glad you like them Christine! I thought they were great fun and the artist was delightful. I do love Montolieu. I hope you found a few to smile over? 🙂 Xxx

  2. His art must cause so many smiles. I love the trapeze and high-wire act and the clothes-pinned man. It must have been fun walking around there!

    1. Mélanie je peux voir pourquoi vous demander. Je ne sais pas, mais laissé son lien là si vous voulez lui demander. Il est très ouvert aux questions. 🙂 Léa

    1. My pleasure Ellen. France is filled with art and artists. One of my favourite art shoes is next month and hopefully I can cover it on my French blog.

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