Saturday Night Paella!

The early birds are arriving...
The early birds are arriving…

Saturday night and Spring is here. Do you stay at home for a quiet meal with the family? Do you venture into town to dine at a restaurant? Or would you prefer to enjoy the evening with about 350 of your family, friends and neighbours? In my humble opinion, it didn’t take long to decide especially with Paella on the menu. As all meals, this begins with an apéritif and a social hour or two… The evening began at 19h30 (7:30pm) and dinner begins to be served about two hours later..The room will fill quickly but this first photo gives you an idea of how the tables are laid out. The tables are filled with bottles of water and a variety of wines. Fresh baugettes are passed around and added as needed. There are always a few courses and this will be no different. After the paella there is a cheese course then glasses filled with a creamy panna cotta with a raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries.   Despite the effort to leave space for dancing later, it would not be possible initially. Never fear, this is France and room is always created for Dance once the food has been eaten. However, the paella pans are so large, each one will need a table in the aisles to support it as plates are loaded.

Muscat, rosé..., que voulez-vous boire?
Muscat, rosé…, que voulez-vous boire?

As you enter the foyer, you commence greeting those around you and continue until you have made your way across the room a time or two. There are quite a number of very young children running about and not a collision not a single tear. The stage end of the foyer is quickly commandeered by the little ones. They have found a large flat section of box and it quickly becomes part of a dance/gymnastic routine that is very creative at times. There is music on the side for background at the beginning and the dancing later.

Socializing is what it is all about!
Socializing is what it is all about! Alain, Christiane and Pierrette


Dance, dance, dance...
Dance, dance, dance…
Creative expression!
Creative expression!
My dear friend Daniella is saving my seat for me. You can see my camera case on the end.
My dear friend Daniella is saving my seat for me. You can see my camera case on the end.
Paella... bon appétit!
Paella… bon appétit!
Mangez, mangez...
Mangez, mangez…


As the initial hunger pangs are quieted, conversation resumes.
As the initial hunger pangs are quieted, conversation resumes.
Josiane with family and friends
Josiane with family and friends


Le maire, just re-elected!
Le maire, just re-elected!


a last dance with maman...
a last dance with maman…

A memorable time was had by all and a wonderful way to celebrate community!   Bisous,   Léa

12 thoughts on “Saturday Night Paella!

    1. Oh Polly it most certainly is. And with Spring there will be many more events ahead of us. It is tough but someone must witness these things… 🙂

    1. It was wonderful! Yes, the Gambas (large prawns) were delicious.

      As a mom, I know what you mean. It took several men to carry each one. 🙂

  1. Lea it looks like a wonderful evening, good food, fine wine, good company and of course to dance the night away. Enjoy your spring when we are moving into cold weather and warm socks.

  2. This is wonderful Lea! You certainly have a lovely community spirit where you live, sadly lacking here. Im not sure about rural reas though they still wouldnt match this but nearer the towns, community is rather dead here.



    1. Christine, just add this to the eternal list of things I love about HOME! 🙂 I don’t know anywhere that could dream of coming close. Wish you were here…



  3. This looks like so much fun – especially because room was made for dancing. The combination of raspberries, wine, and friendship must have made for a wonderful evening.

    1. If you ever head this way, try to make sure there is something going on which is frequent for Spring and Summer and often the rest of the year… 🙂 Hey, somebody has to do it!

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