Chez moi – deux

Ma chambre et la fenêtre
Ma chambre et la fenêtre

Winding upstairs to the second floor to the rear is the third bedroom which is where I chose to sleep. It is smaller than Rita’s room but looks out to the chateau and is very quiet. A neighbours grand garden winds behind my house and it is like living above a park. Spring and summer, I am awakened by scores of birds singing their hearts out. As you can see, some of these photos were taken before I actually moved in so there is little furniture in the way. Today there is a wicker chaise in front of my bedroom window. The old 3/4 size bed was left here and with the purchase of a new mattress it serves me well. Perhaps you will notice the unusual tile pattern or the black marble chimney breast? Behind the bedroom door is a tiny cupboard and the same type cupboard in the bedroom directly beneath it. Each has two shelves at the top and either pegs or nails for hanging up your clothes. When this home was built, people didn’t have large wardrobes and the houses reflect that.

Across the landing from my room is the bathroom but to the right is a door which opens to yet another flight of stairs which sweeps up into the grenier. There were several pieces of old furniture now removed and a collection of old wine bottles which now house some very aged vinegar. A few other “treasures” remain where the previous owners left them. I have toyed with the idea of one day turning the back room of the grenier into a roof terrace. Time will tell what happens there. As it is, I just continue enjoying my home and discovering more of its stories.



Ma chambre
Ma chambre
From my window, turn your head slightly to the left and you are rewarded!
From my window, turn your head slightly to the left and you are rewarded!
One of the attic's skylights
One of the attic’s skylights
Grenier room 2
Grenier room 2

15 thoughts on “Chez moi – deux

    1. I am surrounded by light! But most of my painting takes place in the salon… 🙂 You are right, that window would be great for painting.

    1. You mean not everyone has a castle out their window? 😉 Living here has been and continues to be the greatest experience of my life!

  1. Oh I love live lovethis! Your house is gorgeous Lea, so full of stories we may never know! AndI was going o say how great to paint up there! I can see your easel and all paint related things there already! And you standing there with your artist’s smock and palette! 😊 Now Im getting carried away! Well, why not?!



    1. Absolutely Christine! If one cannot get carried away about France… 🙂
      Actually, most painting goes on in the salon as it is where all my gear is stored. There really isn’t room up there. However, every window here has a great view!



    2. Also, I hate to spoil your image of moi, there is no real palette but a tray or sorts and absolutely no smock. Hand-me-down t-shirts from my boys… 🙂


  2. Wow – gorgeous view again! I’d love to see a castle outside my window. It must change your whole perspective on life.

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