Bienvenue à chez moi!

Ma maison et mon petite voiture bleue
Ma maison et mon petite voiture bleue

One of the things I have enjoyed when traveling abroad was visiting or staying in local homes. I have had the good fortune to experience such living from Vietnam to Holland and several countries in between. I am fascinated by the people I have met and the places I have been welcomed into.

La cuisine
La cuisine

What happens to a French home in the hands of someone else? Most of the wallpaper has remained unchanged (It is in good condition). There are four large photos in antique frames that hold a place of honour. Three of these hang in various parts of the house. My favourite of the photos is perched on a bureau against the wall. The frame is too fragile to hang. The couple who had owned this home had passed on and their only child had pre-ceeded them. It fell to her husband (monsieur Pollard) and son to sell it. As you walk into the salon, you will see the brightly coloured tile floor, a red marbled chimney and a large antique cabinet. The door behind leads to the stairs and also to the kitchen. Just inside the door leading to the kitchen is a second large cabinet. They were among some of the furnishings left behind and are still in use here. The table and chairs near the front window have been moved into the kitchen. The biggest change was removing the tiny vestibule. While it did help to keep out the wind, it made it impossible to bring in my sofa.  It took me awhile to see the error in what I had done. That is one of the reasons I have changed very little.

Left: front window Right, door to the old vestibule
Left: front window Right, door to the old vestibule

It is rather typical for a townhouse in this region. The house has two small narrow rooms on the ground floor (salon and kitchen). Naturally, all rooms have very high ceilings. In the centre you will find the stairs winding up to the other floors. They are elliptical and covered in ancient red tiles which are common around here. The first floor has the two guest bedrooms. The smaller one, at the rear, opens up onto the tiny terrace.

The chambre in the front, I call Rita’s Room. My best friend visits each year for several weeks and always has first option on that room.  The window is directly over the front door and looks out onto the River Berre, school and the maire. This is the largest and brightest of the three bedrooms and has a double bed, bookshelves, dresser and a small bedside table. It is the only bedroom that doesn’t have a design on the floor tiles. The are the traditional red floor tile.

Next time, I will show you the final room and up into the grenier (attic).



Rita's room
Rita’s room
That first fire…
A guest room that opens out  to the terrace
A guest room that opens out to the terrace
Winter view from Rita's window
Winter view from Rita’s window

22 thoughts on “Bienvenue à chez moi!

    1. The rooms are may be small, I prefer to say cozy! Since I live alone, it hasn’t been a problem and the visitors have not complained, stating they were comfortable here.There is less house to heat, clean and more time for writing, painting and exploring the land that I love. It is all relative!
      Il est parfait pour moi!

      1. Hi Léa,
        my comment wasn’t meant to be a criticism. I only recognised the fact. As long as you feel compfortable, everything is fine.

    1. Thank you Cindy. It works for me and all of the visitors to date have said they were comfortable.
      Imagine yourself in my large wicker chaise with a good book and the chateau just out the window… 🙂

  1. Oh Lea, the whole house looks gorgeous. I just wish I could be a guest inthat little room that opens onto the terrace! Oh well, dream, dream…

    Your car reminds me a little of a blue Fiesta I inherited from my father!

    Looking forward to visit no 2 on here!😄



    1. Oh Christine, a room would always be available for you. However, my stairs can be a bit of a workout.

      The car was purchased from the daughter of a friend who lives up in Nancy. There is a bit of a story to it all.



      1. Ah yes the stairs would be dificult. We would finda way! Therea.ways isvone. 😊

        And Nancy! That is where our daughter studied at Uni for a year! Xx 😄

      2. Nothing to apologize for Christine! It is something I am all too familiar with… 🙂 At times, it seems my fingers slip and slide across the keys. 🙂 xxx

  2. One of these days, I hope that I will be able to visit you. I don;’t know when or how, but i would like to. You have a marvelous home. Love, Dad.

  3. I love the view – it must be nice looking out onto a river that’s always bustling by and changing. I hope everything’s going well!

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