Exposition: Jean Savy

Artist: Jean Savy
Artist: Jean Savy

The artist Jean Savy has his roots in the Breton region of France. As for many of us born near the sea, it continues to call to him and to influence his work. From his imaginative totems which he has sculpted from treasures harvested from local beaches, to the under water experience that spoke to me from a number of his paintings, Jean has succeeded in capturing those illusive moments experienced beneath the waves. Snorkelling and swimming along the ocean floor have long been passions of my own. Friday night, I was transported back to this underwater world. Suddenly, albeit briefly, the powerful wind and chilling temperatures ceased to exist,

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA  A self-taught artist who has lived in Paris (16 years) before moving to the south, he has exhibited widely from Paris to Albi. Jean is devoted to his art and each day is spent creating or gathering the tools he requires. In 1983 he set out to explore the genre of figurative art. Pleased with his early efforts, he continued. Jean’s technique, like his journey is very personal. Jean has not had any artistic education but has chosen to learn from experience. Auto didactics are at times, dismissed or marginalized. However, Savy joins the ranks of SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAothers such as Viollet-le-Duc (French architect and theorist), Frank Lloyd Wright, Noël Coward, Gustave Eiffel, Karl Marx and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to name a few.

Jean prefers to work alone. “I fill the white canvas by creating a form of relief and structure in white and afterwards I start playing with colours, colouring pigments and liquids of every sort – even water- on canvas.” Is it a game of chance? No. “I always make something that resembles me. You always project your sub consciousness on the canvas; it is a projection of it. I experience painting as a game of expression and of pleasure.”

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAOn a particularly miserable evening after a trying day, I was transported back into the tranquil embrace of the sea and felt a sense of renewal.

If you are interested in purchasing some of his work, Jean Savy can be reached at izidor.jean@gmail.com. Additionally, please be sure to click on the photos!






6 thoughts on “Exposition: Jean Savy

  1. A fascinating post Lea!

    Dont tempt me!! I think I have purchased enough lately! But what talent. And with no formal training.

    I like what he says about projecting your consciousness onto the canvas. I find this very interesting!




    1. Thank you Christine!

      People often forget that there are many ways of learning. Formal schooling is just one of them. Also, many of us have taught ourselves to do things when learning by conventional means was not always an option.

      I’m glad you enjoyed what was a very delightful evening.



    1. I hear that! It shocked me most of all that I decided to return to school years later and went on to get a Master’s Degree. xx

  2. I love the underwater feeling that’s shown in these, especially in that second to last one. Funny how much the ocean affects us! I’m glad you were transported back to the ocean through his art.

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