Exposition: La Petite Galerie

Left: Annegret Gröene  Right:Camille Maître
Left: Annegret Gröene Right: Camille Maître

What a treat! The opening night of an exposition of the art of Annegret Gröene combined with the poetry of  Camille Maître.  Camille read a selection of works from the book  Poésie – Imagination. The book was a collaboration between the two artists.

Apéros served in the courtyard include wines, juices and sweet and savoury morsels.

Annegret paints from a vivid and whimsical imagination! She delights the eyes and the response from the crowd is smiles of delight. She charms the viewer with each brushstroke. Please take a moment and click on the photos to enlarge them.

What a challenge for any poet to take on writing the paintings. As a poet myself, I know how daunting it can be to interpret the works of an artist trying to capture the feeling.

Camille is up to the challenge and delivers without hesitation. His poems capture the feeling and tells us what he finds in these whimsical paintings.


So that you can enjoy more of Annegret’s delightful work, I shall give over to photos.  Please don’t forget to click over the photos to enlarge them. Annegret’s website: http://www.annegret-groene.de





Gallery owner, Annegret and Camille
Gallery owner, Annegret and Camille
Poet: Camille Maître



21 thoughts on “Exposition: La Petite Galerie

  1. Oh these are an absolute delight Lea! Thanks so much for sharing them.

    What a wonderful gift to be able to “translate” paintingsinto poems!




    1. Christine, I do wish that you could see them up close! My photography skills are wanting. Especially when it comes to art. You are correct and Camille does it well. It is tempting have a go at it and Annegrete’s are so delightful!




      1. Her paintings are “right up my street”. I love them and could happily live with them on my wall at home. Does she sell them? I imagine they would be very expensive. Are prints available? Questions, questions!!

      2. By the way, Christine she does sell some and if you don’t inquire you will never know. There are some tempting ones for sure. Not to mention you cannot look at them without a smile. Her website is in the post and she does speak English. 🙂 Xxx

    1. Greetings Cynthia! I hope all is well. I am currently having my trials with WP so haven’t see your blog in awhile. I do keep looking.

      Yes. I do love the whimsical world she creates and Camille’s words blend well.

    1. Your kind gesture is appreciated. Merci beaucoup! However, I chose at the beginning, not to accept or pass on awards as stated on both blogs. I do thank you for your consideration and hope you will visit again.

      1. It’s all right. 🙂
        Just wanted to express my appreciation.
        Of course, I’ll be visiting your site again. Great posts about France.

    1. As do I. One of my other blogs is mainly poetry but the one you visited is strictly France. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It is appreciated. Have a great day.

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