Giverny Part II

Water lilies

The Water garden


A decade after moving to Giverny, 1893, he purchased adjacent property across the railway. Across the property flowed a small brook which fed off a tributary of the Seine River. Then he set forward with his plan digging a small pond. His neighbours opposed, afraid that the outlandish plants would poison the water.

Eventually the pond was enlarged to its current size. It is complete with curved and asymmetries and inspired by the Japanese gardens. Monet had been an avid collector of Japanese prints.

Japanese bridge

The water garden is home to the famous Japanese bridge and is heavily curtained with fragrant wisterias and surrounded by weeping willows, a bamboo wood and the famous water lilies which bloom throughout the summer.


The vegetation surrounding the pond formed enclosed and separated the grounds from the surrounding countryside.

It was unique for an artist to sculpt his subjects in nature in preparation of painting them. In this way, he fashioned his masterpieces twice. Monet took inspiration from his beloved water garden for over twenty

The pond

years. Having completed the Japanese bridge series he turned his focus to the giant decorations of the Orangerie.

Searching for transparencies and mist, he dedicated himself to reflections in the water, an inverted world transfigured by the fluid enlement.

Monet’s beloved Japanese bridge was built by a local artisan.  Unfortunately, it was beyond repair and had to be rebuilt.

The stunning wisteria were planted by Monet. As I left the gardens, a sprig of wisteria blew over the wall. Without a thought I picked it up and stuck it in my journal. It was amazing how long the fragrance lasted. Perhaps it was strengthened by the memory of that day?



Japanese bridge
From the Japanese bridge
From the Japanese bridge
The pond
The pond

12 thoughts on “Giverny Part II

  1. Ah Lea this is just wonderful! All of it. How fortunate you are to visit this amazing place.

    I intended to go to our Monet Garden in Roundhay, Leeds this weekend but my family had to go without me. But my daughter reckons it will be better to go with her during a week when it is somewhat quieter. So thats what we will do when Im feeling better. So the photos will come eventually. But its only a small garden giving an idea of what it was like but as it is a special place dor me I wantto take photos to show you.

    I have looed at your pitures over and over, theyre beautiful 🙂


    Christine xxx

    1. Christine, I hope you are feeling better soon.

      Yes, I was fortunate to see Giverny and the many other wonderful places that I have seen here. Your daughter may have a point there. I am not keen on crowds.

      Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

      Lea XxxX

    1. Thank you Meg. It is stunning and it seems to change all around as you walk there. Perhaps because the weather kept changing? 🙂

  2. That’s a great point that he formed his masterpieces twice since he created the gardens and then painted them. That’s such a wonderful way to add beauty to the world.

    1. Exactly Sheila. Well said. I have had the good fortune to see his gardens, his home and a number of his paintings.

      I hope you will check out the last section that I just published. 🙂

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