Hiking/walking suggestions
Hiking/walking suggestions

Nestled in the Lorraine Region is the small village of Soulosse-Sous-St-Elophe. Returning to France from a visit to Holland and Belgium, an overnight stop was needed. Unfortunately, my friend’s son had to return to the village for school to resume. However, if you ever want to find a place with stunning vistas and tranquility, this could be the place you dream of.

The Chambres D’hôtes has stunning views from its rear balcony as well as just down the lane. You could walk the paths or take to the hills. Unfortunately, one night was all we had so it will have to be on my list to visit again.

Despite the fact that we had no reservation and simply took our chances, we had a lovely suite and a grand breakfast which included local cheeses, homemade preserves and fresh breads, croissants, coffee, tea, juices and more.

Since my time there was so short, I will not waste a lot of words attempting to do what the camera will do much better. I shall look forward to stopping by again. Perhaps when I visit the Champagne Regions?



Breathtaking view
Breathtaking view
Invitations to explore are all around
Invitations to explore are all around
The Chambres D’hôtes
The Chambres D’hôtes


The Chambres D’hôtes
Petit déjeuner
Petit déjeuner
It beckons you onward

28 thoughts on “Soulosse-Sous-St-Elophe

  1. What wonderful pixtures Lea.

    Abd I love the shaows from the sun which make make me ache for spring and summer.

    Get that teleporter reacy! 🙂

    Lots of love

    Christine xxxxx

    1. I shall speak with Rita again regarding the teleporter! We have been waiting so long…

      Some great news, my friend’s cat who disappeared on the 17th is now home. When I went down to feed the others a bit ago, he came running! I just sent them an email and know they will be relieved.

      Thanks for your kind comments once again. It was so beautiful there, I don’t think the greatest of photographers could do it justice. No doubt they would enjoy trying.

      Lots of love,


  2. It’s so nice to see so much green! I’ve also taken my chances with no reservations and it’s so much fun that way. It’s more of an adventure when you don’t know exactly where you’ll end up.

    1. I cannot wait to return with the time to explore it as it deserves! Perhaps I shall have to make the sacrifice and tour the Champagne Region while I am there… 🙂

      1. Cynthia, I do look forward to returning and exploring accompanied only by my camera… 🙂 I look forward to exploring the roads less traveled!

    1. The photos do not begin to do it justice. Having been there I would love to return. So many little trails and paths begging to be explored. Of course, I prefer the one less traveled. 🙂 Thanks for commenting and I am glad you enjoyed it.

      1. You are right. There is a difference, albeit small. Hmmm. Reading that poem b y Frost in Grad school impressed me very much. Influenced my choice of life. Makes me wonder: I have taken the road less traveled or have I made my own path? Food for thought. 🙂

      2. If you were reading Frost in Grad school, we must have been in different departments. 😉 I was still reading, and writing poetry but not for my major. 🙂

      3. The English don’t “study”, they “read”. One will say “I read history at Oxbridge”. Kinda like that. But in Grad school, I was doing an MBA. And stumbled across a book by Frost in the Library. Hadn’t heard of him at all. (French, you know) And I liked his writing. So Frost was not “In my department”. I did take a summer course in Maya anthropology in Yucatan though. Unfortunately, despite my insistence, the Business department refused to accept the credits for the MBA. Tsss.

      4. Ah yes, well that is the English for you. 🙂 My dad was from Sweden. The other side all from the UK. I always knew I belonged in Europe. I was right. No business class for me… 😉

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