La cascade



Cascade de cradies
Cascade de cradies

Off the beaten path, about five minutes from my front door is the Cascade (Waterfall). It may not be large and is best viewed in the rainy season. Yet, it is ours and a lovely place to sit and contemplate, paint, draw, write or share with a friend.

Despite living in the village for several years, I continue to marvel at how fortunate I am to be here. The cascade is best viewed immediately after it rains. Les poissons swim about on their way to a creek and then to la rive berre and the ruins of an ancient mill provides a stunning backdrop.

Tranquility and beauty provide a perfect setting for contemplation of the year soon to pass and thoughts about the year to come.




Mill ruins
Mill ruins                                      













Moulin – mill                                   













A spot for creating or dreaming...
A spot for creating or dreaming…                              










A creek
A creek                                        













en route
en route                                                      










Photo by: Natalje                                              










Photo by: Natalje
Photo by: Natalje











28 thoughts on “La cascade

  1. What a gorgeous scene for us to enjoy on a cold,windy, wintry afternoon.

    And we have had a cascade of lovely pictures too!! :).

    Another place for me to visit, if only in my mind, to sit there with you would be so lovely.




  2. It’s just beautiful! I really like the setting, it actually reminds me of northern Arizona–the landscape looks very similar. It looks like a quaint, delightful place. Gosh, maybe I should come visit 😉

    Love the photos Lea its like a morning vacay as I sit here with my warm cup of coffee.

    Have a blessed day.

    1. In my book, I am most fortunate to live here and keep pinching myself. Perhaps you should head this way… It would certainly give you something different to write about. 🙂

      Everything goes better with coffee!

      A votre santé et bisous!

      1. How long have you been living there? Where are you from? (It certainly adds an added air of mystery to a persons life!)

        I would be inspired if I were there, no doubt. Hehe 🙂 Thanks for being so gracious about my self-invite–but just so you know, I haven’t even been able to manage going to visit my grandmother who lives just two states away in Arizona! You’re sweet ❤

      2. The boring story begins like this. I was born in southern California, lived in New York City for five years, The mid-west for about that long and back to California. The last sixteen years I was in the states were in Sacramento. I have been here for just over five years and have NO desire to be anywhere but France!

        If someone were not inspired here, I would check their pulse and see if they were still breathing. Let me know if you are coming and do what you can to get to visit your grandmother if it is something you really want to do. Life comes without guarantees and regrets SUCK! 🙂

      3. That is an amazing tale! Moving around brings lots of stories no doubt. I actually love southern California and New York. And I’ve always wanted to go to the midwest. You know anywhere is great because everywhere is lurking with people and stories untold.

        I love what you say about everyone is inspired in France and if not you would check their pulse, haha. Now I really believe you that its inspiring. But would you believe me if I said the most inspiring place to be is my home? My front yard?

        After reading my memoir I hope you would understand that. I think that is what I’m trying to get at with my memoir. My front yard–a most magical and mysterious place…

        Well it sounds like you are open arms, thank you for that. I would certainly let you know if I were coming 🙂

        Hey–you never know.

      4. Yes, I would believe you. Would you believe it has taken this long for me to find my place? That place people call home.

        You are so right about the people and stories! 🙂

    1. Polly, I don’t understand what could have happened. Sometimes, when I first open it, the photos are slow to show themselves but do eventually. I do hope it resolves soon. On this end, I am having major problems with Reader and cannot access it at all. 😦

      1. Oh dear, we are a sorry pair … not to worry, they’re sure to work the glitches out soon … Season’s Greetings to you m’dear 🙂

      2. It seems the wild kitten that I have taken in did a bit of a tap dance on an open laptop and now I shall spend hours re-loading photos. I haven’t a clue how it really happened? Thanks for letting me know and for your patience! 🙂

    1. Let me know when you will be coming… The world ends tomorrow and the portal is here in nearby Bugarach (post on other blog) so you may want to wait while the tourists clear out! 🙂

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