Fète du Vin Primeur

Fète du Vin Primeur

The harvest from the vineyards is safely bottled and most will go on sale next year. Yet in the wine region, we have festivals to toast the new wines. It is an opportunity to taste the fruits of this years harvest. It was fun to experience this with friends, Yvonne and Pauline, who had flown over from London for a long weekend of delights. This particular event was in the village of Trèbes a short 7 km from the city of Carcassonne. The population at the last census, 2008, was over 5,500.

As with any event, there was music (bands and DJ), dancing, and of course food. There were plates of mixed cheeses, Charcuterie – plates of assorted sausages and hams, each served with pain (bread) then of course you can have foie gras which is served with a special bread which contains bits of dried figs. Also on offer was grilled brochette of canard (duck) served with spiced apple (Amazing!)

We took a cab from Carcassonne on the first night so that this Designated Driver could safely sample the delights of the event. However, the next day I drove us back to the village to make a few more purchases and explore the town. However, that will be another post!



Opening ceremonies and acknowledgement for some of the outstanding wine makers and wines
Bon appetit!
Plates were being sold as fast as they could be made up
New wines and previous vintages available for tasting and/or purchase                                                             

















Dégustation (tasting) encouraged!                     

























The bottle with the hand wrapped around it
The bottle with the hand wrapped around it Is a sweet apéritif or dessert wine                    














A delightful vintage (2007) from the nearby Minervois – it happens to be the year I moved to France!



10 thoughts on “Fète du Vin Primeur

  1. It looks like there were a lot of delights to sample! I’m so glad there are still communities like this around. It’s fun virtually traveling to them.

    1. Thanks Polly, it was great fun. Tonight, I am off to meet The Visigoths!
      Unfortunately, I had left my camera at home when I walked into an exhibit of birds of prey. The owls were amazing.

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