Laundry day
Laundry day

The small village of Saint-Jean-de-Barrou is only 5 kilometers from my village. If you like to stretch you legs, it can be a gorgeous walk. Whether you decide to take the road or walk through the many vineyards.

Saint-Jean has a population of 260 and a small shop for groceries and a  boulangerie. One enterprising villager even makes pizzas during limited hours/days. There is no cafe but there are lots of friendly people and a playground for the children and a charming picnic area for all who come.

This is a shorter post than planned. However, a storm keeps knocking out the power and I am heading out to meet friends in another part of the department. Now on to the large wine festival in Carcassonne and hopes that the storm does not last all weekend.



Great-grandma's laundry room
Great-grandma’s laundry room                           










Pain au chocolat, tarte aux pomme...
Pain au chocolat, tarte aux pomme…










Typical village road
Typical village road                        












Four wine caves and a moulin a huile (where olive oil is made)                          














Bjornar in the playground
Bjornar in the playground












Children, picnics and springtime, does it get any better?
Children, picnics and springtime, does it get any better?

13 thoughts on “Saint-Jean-de-Barrou

    1. Hi Christine,

      While we had a lot of fun, I came home to some rain damage so need to get that sorted… My friends are back in London and I am glad to be home despite the good time we had. Pictures this weekend. 🙂


    2. Those clouds passed on. However, the clouds last weekend clobbered my poor house. I came home Tuesday night to find the floor under water and chunks of ceiling on the floor!

      We did get to Limoux and proof of that is on its way.


      XXX L

  1. Lovely village – and I love how it has four wine caves! I hope you didn’t get too wet at the festival and that there was a wine cave around to duck into.

    1. That was an afternoon of entertaining a friends small son. The wine had to wait on that particular visit. Not to worry, there was a great wine fest near Carcassonne last weekend. If my phone/internet don’t go out again…

      1. The festival this past weekend was great and a wonderful time with friends who were over from London. Unfortunately, I got back Tuesday evening to find that the storm here left puddles and plaster with some chunks of ceiling on the floor. Someone is coming next Wednesday for an estimate. Fingers crossed!

    1. Cindy, it is a lovely village. I drive through there to Embres et Castelmaure which is where we had the paella dinner back in July. Another very small village that believes it has much to celebrate and does. I am looking forward to the Chestnut festival and so much more. While I live in another village, I feel very welcome at their events. My friend, Rita, who visits each year from Sacramento has fallen in love with Embres…

  2. We just had the great pleasure of spending 2 weeks in St. Jean de Barrou. The village is lovely, the surroundings are gorgeous and it is so easy to get to so many nice places from the village. We purchased some olive oil at the Roc De Barry mill. But alas, we have now broken the bottle. Is there a website for the mill that we can be directed to so that we can purchase another bottle? Any assistance is much appreciated. By the way, the bakery in St. Jean de Barrous is no longer functioning.

    1. Yes. I did know the bakery closed but can assure you that it was open and functioning when the photos were taken that day. Marije, Bjornar and I stopped and bought a treat for Bjornar and some bread for there house. Being as they are only 5k from my village, our bakery sends a truck around each day for them.
      I shall see what I can find out about the olive oil and I am glad that you enjoyed your visit.

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