Infr’Action – Performance Arts Festival


Artist demonstrating against testing on animals by cosmetic firm
Artist demonstrating against testing on animals by cosmetic firm


Infr’Action made it debut in 2005. It is the leading performance art event in France. The primary goal is to develop the performance art scene in France. In addition support is available for those who desire to participate. The public is treated with a nudge to the imagination as a parade of artists stimulate your concept of what is possible in the world of art.

The young artist in the first two photos is making a statement regarding the practices of a chain of shops that make and sell beauty products.

You are invited to an experience that you will not forget and the public is invited and encouraged to interact with the art/artist. Five days exposure to contemporary art in the beautiful setting of the city of Sète a vibrant and hospitable jewell set on the sea.  The avant-garde

Young artist (in WC) composes poems from words written on post-its
Young artist (in WC) composes poems from words written on post-its

has become popular. Infr’Action is certainly another way of distributing contemporary art. Everybody is free to go to and meet up with the art, and the artists, who are presenting their work, live and direct in the public space. Infr’Action gives you the possibility to live five days that you will certainly not forget. To discover the avant-garde of contemporary art in the remarkable settings of the city of Sète, blending nearness and conviviality with the back-drop of The Mediterranean. Plan to attend all five days of the event. I was only there for two and missed so much. Next time, I plan to have more than one extra set of batteries for my camera and more than two days at the festival.


Being an International event, you will have a first hand encounter with art and the artists from numerous countries. This years artists include participants from France, Sweden, Poland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain and many more.

Kisses for Sale!
Kisses for Sale!
Interactive Installation Art
Interactive Installation Art

A young man in a wheelchair encourages passers-by to contribute to  living poetry via post-it notes. Some wrote their own short pieces of verse and some place a single word or quote on their posting.

It is not to late to plan to attend or perhaps even participate. If you would like to know more about this cutting-edge art experience, click on the link for Infraction information:

This year the event is scheduled for September 12 – 16. Perhaps I will see you there.



Artist demonstrating against cosmetic company
Artist demonstrating against cosmetic company

2 thoughts on “Infr’Action – Performance Arts Festival

    1. It was a memorable experience last year (my first). My friend has done a lot of art installations internationally and knew some of the artists. She has already gone back to California for this year but I hope to go anyway. Thanks!

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