Albas Art Show

Albas Art Show

In the 2008 census, Albas recorded a population of 77. Despite that fact, it is home to a number of artists.

Year round, France is host to shows featuring local artists. With all the beauty, there is much to inspire.

Naturally, there are larger and more frequent shows during the tourist season.

Performance Artist - Cornelis Blum: The Wake
Performance Artist – Cornelis Blum: The Wake

However, there is usually art on offer in

the manner of Expositions of one or two artists at different venues.

Work on display includes paintings, sculpture to Performance Art, there is so much on


The Wake
The Wake

Being France, you will always find food and beverages and some

forms of entertainment. This particular event included a show of old automobiles.    There is also some music such as a strolling band. Much of the art is for sale and the artists are on hand to answer your questions.




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        If you’ve ever been on my poetry blog, one of the earlier posts is a poem about spell-check… It does have its limits! 🙂

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